Little Miss Rough-It

I’m Little Miss Rough-It, also known as Bird. My wife Turtle and I just got married (Sept 2010) and are in the process of settling into married life while negotiating all of the chaos of real life.  Join me while I try to figure out how to be happy and unemployed (coming soon to a blog near you! Last day of work is December 17th), taking classes and volunteering to prepare to apply for vet school, managing the menagerie, and figuring out what my “thing” is (roller derby? art projects?) all while still being a human being.

You can usually find me in front of the computer with a glass of wine or a cup of tea nearby; if not, I’m probably lost in the woods with my discounted dog or my wonderful wife (and often both!).  If not there, well, I’m probably on a bicycle or trying to hug some sort of animal.

Welcome!  If there’s anything in particular that you would like to hear about, let me know here!

daph and me

Why do you call yourself Little Miss Rough-it?

I started this blog shortly after passing my first assessments of roller derby tryouts, which was the point when we got to pick our derby names.  After debating between several names, I settled on this one.  I liked the dichotomy of being a “little miss” and being rough.  Even though I ultimately did not end up making the league, I started writing with it and can’t seem to give it up!  Since I didn’t end up making it and I started calling my fiancee Turtle on this blog, I thought that my animal-related nickname might be a better fit, so now I go by Bird.


Who is Turtle, and why do you call her that?

Turtle is my wife, referred to as “Fancee” until I decided she needed a nickname that didn’t look like I was really bad with my spell check.  She calls me “Bird” so I thought she needed an animal-related nickname, and I like turtles.  They’re very cute.  And for reasons I don’t exactly recall, I remember declaring that her name would be Turtle because she tastes good in soup and, once on her back, has trouble getting up.


How many beasts actually make up the menagerie?

We have a fifty pound dog, a one-eyed, seventeen-toed, toothless cat, and a perfectly put together cat who has a penchant for pooping near her litterbox.  Both the dog and one-eyed cat enjoy trying to be in our laps all the time.  They seem to be able to hear a lap through walls and closed doors, which is cute until it’s annoying.


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