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It’s far too late to unlove each other

Happy Thanksgiving!

And hi to the 49 of you who checked my blog already today.  You make me feel extra special.

I’m in a bit of a food coma and have cuddled with about five million cats today, all but two and a half of which did not belong to me.  The half is for Truman, who (still) may or may not be staying with us; regardless, he lives with us now.  Truman Fact of the Day: his purr button definitely works.  This kitten purrs at the drop of a hat! Second fact: he is very sharp and pointy.

For you on this Thanksgiving, I have two things.  First: a poem that we considered but did not read at our wedding.  I have always found truth and inspiration in it.  Second: a picture of us, last Thanksgiving, on the first of what I hope becomes a regular tradition – a pre-Thanksgiving walk in the woods.

I hope you all had a day that was what you hoped it would be.

“Perhaps you’ll tire of me,” muses
my love, although she’s like a great city
to me, or a park that finds new
ways to wear each flounce of light
and investiture of weather.
Soil doesn’t tire of rain, I think,

but I know what she fears: plans warp,
planes explode, topsoil gets peeled away
by floods. And worse than what we can’t
control is what we could; those drab
scuttled marriages we shed so
gratefully may auger we’re on our owns

for good reason. “Hi, honey,” chirps Dread
when I come through the door; “you’re home.”
Experience is a great teacher
of the value of experience,
its claustrophobic prudence,
its gloomy name-the-disasters-

in-advance charisma. Listen,
my wary one, it’s far too late
to unlove each other. Instead let’s cook
something elaborate and not
invite anyone to share it but eat it
all up very very slowly.

-William Matthews

(If you are wondering why I appear to be pointing my finger in this picture, it is because my finger was gravely injured, and wrapped up in a serious bandaid contraption?  How did I injure it?  Well, I’m sure you recall my mention of Pear and Fingernail Pie.  Lesson of the day: use caution while peeling pears.)

P.S. I wasn’t going to talk about things I am grateful for, because the list is long and more important for me than it is for you. But! You guys! While I was writing this, grumpy One-Eyed Jake started WASHING TRUMAN’S FACE! I am thankful for cats who love each other and are adorable.

P.P.S. It was short-lived. Now they are fighting and Jake is hissing and growling a lot.  Moral of the story (and the poem, IMHO)? Enjoy it while you have it.


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Boning a Chicken

Disclaimer: I’ve had quite a bit of wine, and my bedtime will pass before I finish writing this, so it may be incoherent. Deal with it, please.

I’m reading the book Julie and Julia. It is so, so much better than the movie, but the problem is that it makes me hungry.  I always read before bed and then I find myself trying to sleep and tossing and turning while fantasizing about poached eggs or beef bourguignon.  Guys, I don’t even really know what beef bourguignon is, but Julie talks about it a lot and so it’s probably delicious.  She also talks about aspics, which are weird-ass jelly things, and cutting up a live lobster. Gross.

Mmmm… lobster.

uhhh... yum?

Don’t you worry, kids, this will definitely not turn into a food blog.  That said, I am going to talk about food tonight.  We have dinner with my dad once a week and we usually go to his house, where he cooks us something amazing and then happily sends us home with leftovers after playing a mean game of Scrabble.  But tonight, he came to our house.  Given that he has always cooked amazing things – even if I did not have the capacity to appreciate them for the majority of my childhood – I felt the need to make something good.

We went to the farmer’s market in a neighboring town yesterday – apparently one of the best in the Boston area – and I had, for the first time, smoked bluefish. Oh. My. Amazing. So I bought $9 of fish (about 2″ x 2″ on a little plate) for an appetizer. All I had to do was cut it up.

Then today we went to our farmer’s market and spent between $30 and $60 for a dinner for 4. Ridiculous. Justified slightly by the acquisition of a few additional petsitting jobs and – oh yeah – Turtle’s getting a job yesterday. Woo hoo!

Blah blah blah, we bought yummy food and organic chicken breast.  I’ve made chicken breasts before, maybe five times. Maybe. It came out fine.  So we bought delicious chicken and thawed it and then opened the package 15 minutes before people were supposed to arrive… and suddenly found that it was not boneless chicken breasts.


click for source

Turtle says I should not say I boned a chicken in mixed company.  Oh well.


I am no Julie of Julie and Julia (yet), and I am nowhere near going out to kill my own chickens, but I was awfully proud of myself for pulling apart chickens and finding the meat and pulling off the skin and the extra tissue and seeing blood and not freaking out.  It was the best chicken I’ve ever eaten, and I would definitely do it again.

Have you ever done this? Have you killed your own food? Was it more delicious than regular food? Do you think everyone should do it?! Because I kind of do.  Now go find yourself a chicken and make it into food!

P.S. I finished writing this one minute before bedtime! I am on a roll tonight! Minus the minor wedding-related breakdown earlier. Minor detail. More on that later, but only if you remind me.


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Tea is for Take Me

Get it? “T” is for take me? But I’m going to talk about tea? Oh I’m so clever I can hardly stand it, and I’m sure you can’t either.

So, tea.  For the past several years I have been an herbal tea addict.  You can only drink so many cups of coffee before you get jittery, and herbal tea comes in a nice variety of flavors and doesn’t give you the shakes.  Plus it’s a nice warmth when you live somewhere without heat (thanks, Mom, for raising me at a steady temperature of 55 degrees).  Anyway, you get the idea – I liked herbal tea.  I drank coffee for that whole being awake thing.  I considered myself a coffee person with a healthy appreciation for tea.

And then Turtle ruined everything.

You see, she didn’t have coffee at her apartment.  Once I started staying there (after date 3, in true lesbian fashion), we bought a French press and some coffee, but it wasn’t as good as the drip I made at home.  She tolerated my coffee habit, but loved a good cup of Earl Grey.  So I tried it, and I was hooked.

magnet on our refrigerator

We are definitely tea people, and even tea snobs.  We like Earl Grey, Lady Grey, and PG Tips like whoa.  I haven’t had coffee on any regular basis in two years now, and I’m not sure I’ll ever go back.

And not only do we just drink tea: she handed me a cup of tea at the walk on April 6, 2008; we went out for tea on our very first (5 hour, and unofficial) date after the walk; we went to a pretty little tea cafe for our first official date (the next day… a long wait); every day that we worked together we bought two venti cups of Earl Grey with two teabags from Starbucks before work; we went out for fancy tea after getting domestically partnered.  I mean, we did lots of other things too, but tea has been something important for all this time.

So it seems fitting to incorporate our tea habit into our wedding.

We are getting married fairly early in the day (sometime between 9 and 10 am), so we will have tea and coffee available first thing – and, of course, we’ll have a good variety of teas.  On top of that, we are considering some tea-like favors.  So here is what I’m thinking – tell me what you would like!  Or similar ideas…

First, my mom and sister decided that some prints from my print class would be nice favors – possibly framed, possibly not.  I can make a lot of them in a fairly short amount of time, and it’s fun work, and they do look nice framed.  Anyway, my teacher was saying that someone in one of her previous classes had done a lot of work with empty tea bags, and they looked really nice.  So I might try that.

Second, we might have a tea custom made and order loose tea in bulk, like an Earl Grey with hints of something else (TBD).  Then we could package them in pretty little boxes (I love boxes!) or in pretty little teabags with pretty little tags that say something nice about getting married and thanks and all that.  We could even do some bags that are coffee for all you crazy coffee folk (you know who you are).

What do you think?  What would you want?  If you’ve done this, are you doing some sort of themed gift/favor?

And, in closing: Us, with Tea.


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We’re scrapping everything!

Me: Do you want to scrap everything and get married next week?
Turtle: No. Do
you want to scrap everything and get married next week?
Me: No. Just checking.


Okay, so the title of this post was totally an April Fool’s joke.  April Fools!

Now that it’s officially April, it’s officially the month of our two  year anniversary, and that is really cool.  It’s been two years – two years! – and we totally still like each other.  This whole getting married thing, when it’s not stressful (which is only a very little bit of the time), is really fun!  We like it.

(click on image for source)

But sometimes it just seems like too much.  Yesterday, Meg from A Practical Wedding wrote this totally awesome post about money.  And I knew a lot of this stuff already, this is how I was already thinking – or that’s what I had thought until I was struck by this:

Don’t be afraid to say no. If you don’t care? Don’t buy it. If someone is making you sign a contract that doesn’t feel right? Don’t sign it. If it doesn’t feel right? Put away your wallet. If you do this, things will somehow fall into place.

I read this and I realized that I don’t want to spend three thousand dollars on food.  I just don’t.  I have eaten food at weddings, and it has been good, but I have not walked away thinking that it was the best food that I had eaten in awhile (with the exception of one wedding, and at that wedding they made the food themselves!).  And if I am going to spend that much money on food, it should be damn good food.

So I came up with a plan.  We will have pies, provided by friends and family, and we will have mimosas.  We will have coffee and tea from Tealuxe or somewhere delicious, and that will be it.  And some people will say “Just pie?” and other people will say, “JUST PIE!” and that will be fine.  Sara from 2000 Dollar Budget Wedding posted something that I love, and this part is sticking in my head:

It did not matter whether every last detail conformed to the signature colors. Instead of saying, “What a beautiful bouquet,” the guests said, “What a beautiful love.”

So there. Pie it is.

The minor complication (ha!) comes in when we consider that this is not about me planning my wedding – this is about us planning our wedding.  And it turns out that Turtle, as an event planner in her former life, wants to feel taken care of on our wedding day instead of worrying about what might not be going right.  And it turns out that I don’t feel safe renting an urn for our tea water and not being assured that our water won’t taste like coffee.  And who’s going to set up? Clean up? Where to we get utensils? (I know there are answers to these questions… they just feel overwhelming.)

And I think this comes back to the rule of: Forget DIY.  It doesn’t all have to be DIY.  And I feel really confident that we are considering taking things into our own hands, and we are considering different ways of doing things, and we are really trying to work out the options.  And it’s going to be hard, I think, for me to say we’re spending $3,000 on food.  But it’s easier when I remind myself that we are getting a planner in there, and people who will help us set up and clean up and decorate, and they are people we like.

So more points for the process.  And we’re still planning to have pies.  It’ll just be post-brunch pies.  Because that’s how we’re doing it. So there.

photo by BenJerrysBride, click on image for source


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Let’s talk about food.

I think that there are a lot of romances that revolve around food.  People have a similar palate, bond over love of certain restaurants, and know exactly what foods they want to serve at their wedding.

We are not those people.

I think that saying food is a bit contentious would be stretching it a little bit, but Turtle and definitely do not have the same edible loves.  When we had our first (and only) meeting with a caterer, it went something like this:

Him: So, what kinds of foods do you like? Spices, flavors?
Turtle: Well, I would love there to be some meat…
Me: …and I’m a vegetarian.  But I do eat fish, and I love salmon, so it would be great to have some smoked salmon or something like that.
Him: Great!  So we’ll start with some seafood as the main dish.
Turtle: Well, I don’t eat seafood.

And it goes on.  My favorite foods include salmon (she hates it), avocados (she tried it once to satisfy my curiosity, and, yup, she hates it), and cilantro (she’ll take it or leave it).  She likes Indian food (I finally agreed to eat some a year and a half into our relationship – not as bad as I though it would be) and red meat (haven’t touched it in 13 years).  I think that I’m less picky than Turtle is, but she doesn’t have many foods that I really love.  I’m sure that the process of picking foods is really fun and exciting for a couple that shares food interests, but for us it’s been a bit of a stumbling block.


Yes, there’s an until.  Until we decided to have brunch.

Who doesn’t love brunch?  The possibilities of foods to serve are almost endless, and there’s definitely something for everyone.  I have so many fond memories of various brunch events.  And who doesn’t love mimosas?  Please don’t answer that last question.  Everyone loves mimosas.

Sweet deliciousness for people who want sweet and delicious breakfast-y things…

More savory options are also a possibility.  And I LOVE the tea with the crystal-sugar-stirrer-thing (that’s the technical name for it).

This needs no caption, I need to go clean up my drool.

And after brunch, we eat pie! Ohmygoodness.

We’re still trying to figure out who is going to cater our wedding and what it will look like and what we can afford.  But I think we’ve really hit on it with brunch.  We can include all our favorite things!  Tea, breakfast, cheese, and tea.  Did I mention tea?


(okay I know you totally want to come to my wedding now, but instead how about we got out for brunch, like, tomorrow? who’s in? did i mention i’m all alone for a week? come eat with me!)


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