I wish I could win it, but instead I’ll give it to you (or you, or you)

You may have noticed that I have some affection for our wedding photographer. Let me tell you a little bit about her.

us & our wives

I met her in college when one of my roommates was all, “My friend and her girlfriend are coming over for dinner, cool?” and I was all, “Cool.” And then we started hanging out more and playing boardgames and living a few blocks away from each other and then living a few states away from each other and now living a few towns away from each other. She introduced me to roller derby and I took care of her dog once.

Both the dogs, coexisting (this is a more informal pet-picture, but there are more on her website)

Sometimes she comes to visit us and takes our pictures.

and she makes us look really cute! AND! She makes it feel really natural and fun.

Why, might you ask, am I telling you these perhaps seemingly-random facts about Amazing Photographer Ellie Leonardsmith? Well, it’s because today, she’s doing An Awesome Photography Giveaway.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Winner gets 1 hour of free photoshooting with Ellie! Pick your poison: she’ll take pictures of you in your wedding clothes, in your street clothes, running naked through the streets… what I mean is, whatever you want to wear, she’s willing to take pictures of you in it.  She’s also happy to hang out at your house or a park or around town and just take pictures of you being awesome by yourself, with your friends, or with puppies.  Kittens are also acceptable.  And babies!  Happy to photograph babies, too.

  2. How to win: comment here and tell us about your most valued picture and why it matters to you (for example, I have a picture of my dad and me on the dock up at camp when I was maybe 4 years old.  I’m wrapped in a towel and probably shivering, and we have the exact same profile.  I love that picture.).
  3. I will use a random number generator to pick the winner!
  4. Deadline to comment is 5pm EST Monday January 24th.
  5. You must be within or willing to meet within an hour of Boston; specifics to be worked out with Awesome Photographer Ellie.
  6. Photoshoot is free, and afterwards CD of images, prints, or albums can all be purchased through her.

You can see examples of Ellie’s work all over my blogs, but also on her website.

Also, I get nothing out of doing this, except her gratitude and excitement that I get to give my awesome readers something that I think is really awesome!  I say awesome a lot.  Now, comment away!


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13 responses to “I wish I could win it, but instead I’ll give it to you (or you, or you)

  1. Yes please! I have the same rotating sad self-photo on my blog. I could probably use a new one. So enter me in for some photo fabulousness! My most valued photo is the one photo I have of my parents in a refugee camp when they were escaping Vietnam and trying to get to the U.S. for safety. My mom was pregnant with me, hence why they made the dangerous fishing boat trip into open oceans to try to escape Communist Vietnam. It’s the closest thing I have to the incident because my parents rarely feel like talking about the experience.

  2. 😦 Unfortunately, I am no where near a one hour commute to Boston. But I will still tell you about one of my favorite photos. It is of my Dad, sitting at the dining room table, reading the paper. It was taken about a year and a half ago – before his Alzheimer’s got bad.

    I just love his smile!

  3. My favorite photo is of my dad and me too! I was about three and finally had enough hair for pig tails. I have the crabbiest look on my face because we were at Nana’s house (no one likes being at Nana’s house, ever!). My dad had picked me up and was smiling at me. I have my arms crossed, glaring back at him. It makes me laugh each time I see it.

  4. Kristine

    Awesome! If youre wedding photos are anything to go by, she is amazingly talented. I wish I could win this!

  5. steph

    When I was little my dad worked for kodak so we always had cameras and film and there were many pictures documenting my early childhood. One of my favorites is actually up on the wall at my parents house still- it’s of me and my brother, i’m about 4 or 5 and he is a little baby and i’m trying to hold him but he’s a slippery little thing. we are both laughing and in our pjs. love my lil bro.
    if i win i want a cat photoshoot! (how gay is that??)

  6. Ooooo!! I SO want to win this for some pics of Little G and me…we have none of the two of us together because I’m the only one who knows how to use the camera.


    My favorite picture is the second one on the post here.

    It is my favorite because it was taken when Little G was only a couple of weeks old and it immediately takes me back to those moments when I had no idea what I was doing and my confidence in being a mom was slim-to-none. I can look back at that picture and know all of the things I have learned since that day and I can confidently say that I am (and was back then too…although I didn’t know it at the time) a good mom.

  7. I am so willing to commute to Boston for this! I have tons of favorite photos, but I think one of the most meaningful is one where I’m about seven and sitting on my maternal grandfather’s lap with my cousin. We’re all smiling and laughing, there is pie in front of us (a staple at our family gatherings), and there is clearly love and understanding. This photo was used as the photo for his missing poster when he wandered off because of PTSD and dementia. That sounds sad, but it means a lot that it was used in order to bring him home.

  8. Anne

    Yay Ellie photos! My boy and I are seriously considering her for wedding pictures (when we get around to it.)
    My favorite photo is one of my brothers and I taken in 2008. We’re all sitting on the picnic table at my dad’s house on a gorgeous sunny October day, and it was our farewell to our mother before she left for Crete for a year. (it turned out to be like 4 months) My parents announced their divorce about 3 months previous, and it was the last time that we were all together an not awkward. My brothers and I all had this photo as our profile picture for a while. Without them I would not have survived my parents’ divorce.

  9. Sabrina

    What a great giveaway! I’ll play….

    I wish my most valued picture was an old one with my parents or other loved ones, like most folks. However, my family never really had cameras, never saw value in taking the time/money to document memories too much. So my most valued picture was taken just this past summer, on the top of Mt. Monadnock, right after my fiance had asked me to be his best friend forever 🙂 I see it as the beginning of my very own little family (which will be obsessively documented through pictures!)

  10. ele

    Ooh, I can’t turn down the chance at a prize like that! Also, I’m trying to think of a single photograph that I don’t just like, but value. One that comes to mind is a photo of my parents in their early thirties, in the backcountry somewhere, with our golden retriever. There are a lot of things I do not like about my parents, and I try to differentiate myself from them in numerous ways (like, not being a bigot, valuing things other that personal wealth, etc.), to the point that it rarely feels like we have anything in common. But that photo reminds me that, sometimes, they did things that I would like to emulate, like hiking in the backcountry with my partner and dog.

  11. KB

    YAY! Thanks for sharing! We’d be so excited to win this fun prize 🙂 My most prized photo is one of my amazing grandmother (my heart I call her since I was born on her birthday and I am certain we share a heart) 🙂 and my handsome grandfather during their first dance at their wedding. I never got to meet him, and I hear that he could be a pretty stern guy who didn’t always show his emotions, but in this picture you can see all the love they have for each other – and I know that is exactly how I want to feel when I am dancing my first dance with my new wife! 🙂

  12. Ellen G

    Hmm…what an interesting question. After looking at and thinking about pictures, I was surprised that my favorite one doesn’t have my dad in it. Nope, it was taken by my uncle at my Nana’s camp outside of Lowell. My uncle was really into being a photographer for a summer, so had a fancy camera was just took pictures the whole weekend we were up there. In this picture, I was probably about 7 and my sister 11. She’s helping me onto my dad’s old sunfish and we both have these really natural, real & relaxed smiles on our faces. It was a really special moment that I might not have even known happened if not for my uncle.

  13. steph

    uhm…do i win?

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