Across the Shoreline: You came for me in fast forward

After making our way up slopey beaches, leaping into the air, and leaning on the people who were there for us to lean on, my brand new wife and I go some time to ourselves.

Sort of.

One very vivid memory I have of the day was finishing our pictures with our brigadeers and suddenly realizing I could take off my dress.  You guys, the dress was pretty.  It satisfied whatever need I had to wear a dress, and whatever need other people had for me to wear a dress.  I liked how it looked.  And I was ready to get the eff out of it.  And then?  All comfortable and still dolled up, it was time to spend some time with my wife.  Oh yeah, and our photographer.

Check out the rings on those fingers!  These were some of the best moments of a day full of best moments.  It was just the two of us, and the instructions we were given were essentially, “Act like you just got married and you’re happy about it.”  Um, no problem.

After a few photos outside the building and out by the water, we wandered into the woods. At this point, I was just on a strange, thrilled, calm high. I couldn’t believe we were married. I couldn’t believe there was still so much of the day to do, and I was excited about all of it, even though I could hardly comprehend that there was more of it. It all felt surreal –

– and what better way to ground yourself in the craziness of all of that than to find your new wife and remind yourselves of each other? So, unprompted, we had our first dance. No music, just the two of us, spontaneous-kitchen-dancing-style.

You guys? I for serious love her.



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14 responses to “Across the Shoreline: You came for me in fast forward

  1. Ahhhhhh, ahhh. * flaily hands*

    I love kitchen dancing, so much. After my really icky day today, my husband and I are planning to make pizza and I really need some kitchen dancing.

    Y’all are adorable. 🙂

  2. lyn

    The only word for this is “awwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” Fortunately, it is a good, fulfilling word.

  3. Even if you hadn’t told us, it would be IMMEDIATELY apparent from the photos that you “for serious love her”! And that she must love you back just as much! Thank you for sharing your special day with your virtual friends out here in cyberworld.

  4. Oh my goodness, the sheer joy and love on your faces is so wonderful. It’s like it’s radiating out of my computer screen. I can feel it.

  5. efd

    these photos are so freaking adorable & beautiful & wonderful & full of love. happy sigh.
    they are making me simultaneously grin & tear up. love love love.

  6. Julie

    Such beautiful photos! You are both stunning. These pictures just brightened up my crappy day. Thank you for being awesome and sharing your awesomeness, which brings cheer to the rest of the world.

  7. I am sooo sleepy from my super long day, but I just had to comment because, just….so pretty! I lovelovelove these photos.

    In all of the wedding stress that I am not blogging about (my bad?) these photos made me excited for the little post ceremony glee that I too will one day have.


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