Snow day!

Snow Day at the Turtle-Bird Homestead

I have few sassy things to say today, but here’s what I do have:

  • My wife is really pretty and has been the most supportive partner I could ask for over the last couple of weeks/months/years.  I’ve been dealing with some weird anxiety stuff, and she’s 100% here, making sure all is being taken care of.
  • My dog is very entertaining and gives me a reason to get my unemployed ass out of the house every single day.  Thanks, Daphne. (Also, daily posts about her at Flying Dingo. Have I said that already? I’ll stop soon.)
  • We have big plans for today: there’s already 15 inches of snow on the ground here, but we did our Ikea shopping trip last night so we have lots of projects to tackle. Fun!
  • Oh and I’m on APW today!  And I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on boyfriend/girlfriend vs. partner vs. spouse vs. husband/wife.  Comment there or come back here and tell me what you think!

Hope some of you are having a wonderful snow day and others of you are warm wherever you are.  Nothing like 1 foot + of snow to remind me how grateful I am to have a home.



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9 responses to “Snow day!

  1. I LOVE THIS SNOW DAY! We filled our fridge with groceries last night and Ken has the day off. We are making a huge breakfast and then parking it on the couch all day long. YAY!

    • Yay fun! Plus I hear wine is involved. Who doesn’t love wine in the morning? Um, don’t answer that if you don’t love wine in the morning. Hope you two have an awesome snow day!

  2. cmc

    I’m having a fake snow day. Wednesday I don’t have to go to campus! And it’s freakin’ cold outside. Anyway, what are your IKEA projects?!?! Also, on titles… Actually it was when I was working in Po-town with real grown-ups, I realized how powerful the words husband and wife are. My co-workers would use those words with such love and such power. It really affected me and my attitude toward marriage.

    Happy happy snow day xo

    • Hooray fake snow days! We have silly Ikea projects: we finally got curtains and rods and are hanging curtains in the windows and doorways to keep the heat in the living room and dining room – cozy! We also bought lights so our house is a little brighter in the evening times.

      Marriage = awesome, if I may say so myself 🙂 I loved hearing about all your coworkers and those adventures. I miss living with you.

  3. Kristine

    Yay for snow days! We’re supposed to get the storm you have in Boston here in Nova Scotia by the evening. The wind is already nuts and the snow just began. Glad you two can snuggle down together and enjoy.

    I will have to check out your APW post! It’s been awhile since I checked out that site in general. Yay!

  4. Have a fun snow day! Loving your post on APW. I’ve read it twice already.

    • Aww thanks so much! I’m really glad it’s gotten so many people thinking… I want to reply to every single comment but my brain is not quite working right today…

  5. I am so jealous of your snow day. I wanted one so badly, but we only got about 4 inches.

    I LOVED your post on APW. Laur and I are going through titles and last names and introductions right now. That post gave me a lot of food for thought. Between your APW post, Laur coming home fresh from her LGBTQ counseling class and trans-gender friendly concerns at work I have had a lot to talk about and think about tonight.

    Seriously though, great job being featured on APW. SO well said.

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