Good reads

Hi friends!  If it appears that my list of links to other awesome blogs has disappeared on the righthand column… it’s because it has.  But not forever! I’ve moved it over to its own page, which I hope will make it easier to add new links.  You can also find that link up at the top of the page under Good Reads.  Woo hoo! If you notice that you’re missing or you want to be listed, just comment here and we’ll work it out.

The other thing to check out is my other blog – because I like to fill up on Things to Do?  Anyway, I know a lot of you like reading about my adventures in Taming the Beast, but I also don’t want to bore anyone with tales of how many times I had to say “bed” after ringing the doorbell, so I started a blog specifically for that purpose: Flying Dingo.

Happy Sunday, everyone!



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2 responses to “Good reads

  1. Kristine

    Yay for the new blog! I will definitely be checking it out. Yay!

  2. An Atypical Traditionalist

    Oh! Just noticed the shout-out on Good Reads! Thanks, buddy 🙂

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