Uh, tweet tweet?

By: TwitterButtons.comSo, a few years ago I had to create a twitter account for my job, and as long as I was updating that one, I decided to make my own, too.  I think I followed about 4 people and never looked at it again.  The whole thing seemed sort of silly, since I was not high-tech enough to have a phone that could handle twitter… and then! Then I messed up my schedule a few times and realized I needed a digital calendar with me all the time, and I got a Blackberry.


I understand, now, why it’s commonly referred to as a Crackberry.  I love it, and I hate loving it. But also, I love loving it.  I have my schedule on me all the time, I can respond to petsitting issues as they come up, and! I have Twitter on my phone.

Anyway, I’m not super witty or fancy or anything like that, but I’m paying enough attention to it that I thought I would just let you all know that I’m there, in case you’re similarly recently addicted and you want to hang out with me in contexts where we have very limited words to say to each other.

So if you didn’t click the pretty little button up top, click this one!  Or look at the very bottom of the right hand column. It’ll be fun.  Or stupid, depending on your perspective.

By: TwitterButtons.comAre you on Twitter? Tell me fascinating things about it that I haven’t figured out yet.



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8 responses to “Uh, tweet tweet?

  1. Kristine

    I am still figuring it all out myself. I never ever thought I would create a Twitter account and none of my IRL friends are on it, but when I started the blog, Twitter seemed to go hand in hand. Now it’s rare for me not to check it a couple times a day.

    One day I’ll actually know what I’m doing on there. Maybe.

  2. Woohoo! I’m on twitter. Just started following you. Follow me!

  3. Jen

    I only recently got on and find that some people are obnoxious to follow, but others I really enjoy. I rarely tweet, but love to read what’s going on…it’s especially great for quick news updates! Looking forward to following!

    • I know what you mean about some people vs. others. I follow so many clever, interesting people, I’m a little intimidated. I mean, what do I have to add?! We’ll see..

      • Jen

        Haha – I feel the same way – I don’t think I have anything interesting to ad! My life is either too boring or I’m just not witty enough. But I guess if no one cares, they’ll stop following, eh?

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