Reflections on a year I was grateful to see go

Well, hello, there!  I said I’d be back in the new year, and here I am.  I missed you!  But I also spent the last couple of weeks masquerading as a slightly insane petsitter.  Slightly insane only because I think sane petsitters occasionally say no to jobs so that they can occasionally care for their own pets; I, on the other hand, had up to 13 jobs in one day.  Thank you a billion times over to my beautiful wife for taking care of our own beasts!

I both love and hate year-in-reviews; sometimes I find it really boring to read about other people’s years, but really, if you find this boring? Skip it.  Because when it’s not boring it’s really interesting, so I’m banking on everyone loving my version of a year in review.  It’s a bit more of a reflection than review, but that’s what you get. Ready? Let’s go.

Our 2010 year started off with us screwing up a dinner party.  Seriously.  We thought we were being invited to just a “let’s all hang out, it’ll be fun!” party and we showed up 2 hours after it started.  Um, fashionably late for a regular old party, right? Yeah, well, as I mentioned – it was a dinner party.  Being 2 hours late is very, very bad.

I tell you this because, in retrospect, it seems like an appropriate beginning to the year that 2010 was.

In 2010, we had in our lives or in the lives of people we’re very close to a birth, a death, jobs lost, new jobs started, a separation, a wedding, we moved, we got a kitten, we lost our kitten, and we each turned another year older.  That last part is just how things work.  Other notable things: I started blogging, I started classes, I dropped classes, I got rejected by roller derby (twice!), our dog bit someone, I changed my life plan, we changed our last name, we merged our finances, and – yes, I already mentioned the wedding, but it feels worth mentioning again – we’re married now.

yes, I know you've seen this picture before... but it is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES. So here it is again. Enjoy, because it's beautiful.

What I mean to say is that 2010 was a really big year, and I am really grateful that it’s over.  When the clock struck midnight and our little group of friends yelled “Happy New Year!” I felt this sudden and huge wave of relief.  Really, that’s sort of silly: who knows what 2011 brings?  Maybe more stressors, different stressors.  But I find a lot of hope in this: we made it through this last year, and we did a really good job.  The chances of all of these things happening in the same year again are probably not very high, but, regardless, I know we can handle it.

Being engaged and then married has been an enormous blessing throughout all of this.  When things get hard, I know that there’s someone by my side, someone on my team; even when we’re having a rough time in our relationship, we’re in it for the long haul.

So here’s to 2011, with hope that it is full of love and new beginnings and is only somewhat eventful.  Happy New Year, you guys.



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6 responses to “Reflections on a year I was grateful to see go

  1. Kristine

    Hey, I was late for a dinner party last year as well! Nothing like walking in just as everyone is leaving the dinner table to make you feel like a jackass.

    I agree, 2010 was huge but it’s kind of a relief it is over. Hopefully this one will be more about fun and less about life-changing events. Here’s to a relaxing 2011. Lots of luck!

    • You have no idea how much better that makes me feel! So glad I’m not the only one… I still feel bad about that.

      Hope you had an excellent holiday and to see lots of fun stuff from you this year 🙂

  2. It was a really big year for you! But I totally know what you mean by wanting to put 2010 in the past and move on to 2011. I get excited every new year wondering what the year will hold. Happy New Year!

  3. 2010 sounds like a huge year for you! i hope 2011 is even better…we went to this wedding recently, where the dj said, “i hope this is the worst day for the rest of your lives.” sounds awesome…i hope it all gets better from here!

  4. Julie

    Happy New Year! Don’t worry, your year-in-review post was far from boring. Hope 2011 is much, much better.

  5. Happy New Year to The Seahorses! I was relieved to see 2010 go as well… and looking forward to what the new year brings!

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