Tradition… tradition!

Tonight begins our first Crazy Intense Holiday Celebration Week While Married.  Writing that sentence was sort of overwhelming, and the festivities haven’t even started yet.

Holidays this year are a little funky.  In years past, we have trekked the 30 minutes to my parents’ house and gathered there with my parents and brother (all of whom lived there) and my sister and her boyfriend (who definitely did not live there).  This year, things are a little different, and we are hosting!  Whoa, hello there, Being a Grownup, I think I was entirely unprepared for your arrival.  But sure, pull up a seat and feel free to go through anything in the fridge.  Yes, help yourself.  I can handle you because I am now a Grownup and can make up the rules about what time of day I get to start drinking.

Being a Grownup


Since the arrival of the holidays amidst a fractured family can really emphasize what’s missing, my lovely wife and I decided that we need to embrace some new traditions.  One of them we realized we already have: Solstice.

Solstice is the shortest day of the year, and this year there is also an eclipse.  Exciting!  Last year – and now this year as well – we are staying at the Inn of Wedding Fame, and then tomorrow we will go for our annual walk in the woods.  We exchange a couple of small gifts, spend a lot of time reading in front of the fireplace at the inn, and enjoy a lot of good tea.  It’s nothing fancy, there’s not a lot involved, but it does feel sacred.

The second new tradition?  Ornaments.  Not just the Gayest Snow(wo)man Ornament, which maybe should be a tradition, but this year we begin exchanging ornaments.  Can’t show you anything yet, since it’s still a secret from Turtle, but this is one I’m excited about.

And the tradition we are still struggling to sort out: our birthdays.  Mine is the 27th, hers is the 28th, my dad’s is the 29th, and my brother’s is January 6th.  This does not leave much recovery time.  Quick! Find traditions for EVERY DAY for a WEEK, stat.

New Tradition: Being Covered in Dogs

What are your holiday traditions?  What do you wish they were?  If you’re married, have you made up new ones with your new baby family?



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6 responses to “Tradition… tradition!

  1. Kristine

    Since we live on the other side of the country from our extended family, our last two Christmases have been very low-key. But I find I kind of like it that way. Neither of us are very traditional people. This way we get to eat what we want, drink what we want, wear what we want, and do what we want without anyone telling us we’re supposed to have turkey or critiquing our lack of centrepieces. Don’t get me wrong, I love and miss my family. But I kind of like having this time just to be quiet and enjoy the celebration with my bestest friend. Even if our holiday dinner is made up of Kraft Dinner and Scotch.

  2. cmc

    What I like is how traditions bend with our lives. Examples:

    Clam Chowder (always made by my dad back in the day): doesn’t have to be eaten on Christmas Eve and I’m a grown-up now so I can make it and invent my own Best Recipe
    Christmas Eve services: can be attended at a non-bigoted church, even if that means finding a new one. The Lessons and Carols are still there.
    Sugar Cookies: Can be gluten-free! and still cute and tasty
    Christmas dinner: can, after many years and some luck, bring together two sides of a broken family under one roof.

    Basically, I guess I’m reflecting on how lucky I am to have a family that looks out for each others needs and wishes and hearts and smiles.

    Warmest hugs to you and yours xoxo

  3. First of all, enjoy your Solstice celebration! I hope the sky is clear enough where you are to see the eclipse…. it won’t be where I am.

    Our holiday traditions involve several things:
    1) driving around to look at peoples lights & decorations
    2) having raw beef sandwiches (don’t be grossed out, please) on Christmas Eve
    3) opening stockings on Christmas Eve
    4) spending as much time together on Christmas day as my partner’s pet-sitting schedule will allow
    5) having seafood (usually shrimp & scallops) for dinner

    Most of the time, it is just the two of us – we celebrate with our parents (not all the same time) either before or after the big day.

  4. Yay holiday traditions! I wish you luck in your new holiday roles as hostesses!

    I am a lady of tradition. Laur and I have been exchanging ornaments for the past 4 out of 5 years of our relationship. I always get so excited about our ornament exchange. This year we started a new tradition- putting up a Christmas tree of our very own! We actually got to use our pretty ornaments this year!

    Sadly, since our families live 5 hours apart- Laur and I are spending our holidays separately. Its turning out to be really hard to figure that situation out. SinceI don’t get to see my family that often, I am just not ready to change what has been my holiday tradition for so long- into OUR NEW holiday tradition yet . Maybe next year, as a married couple?

  5. Your solstice celebration sounds so wonderful. It’s sometimes nice to get away from everyone for a day or two at this time of the year when everything seems so hectic and crowded. Have fun unwinding! And good luck hosting Christmas!

  6. steph

    how cute! i love that you are making up new traditions and even though being a grown up seems a little bit scary (clean all the things!?) it’s also awesome because you don’t have to compromise and do *turtle* things or *bird* things but you are doing *turtle-bird* things!!! mozle tov to your new baby family traditions. best tradition yet!? lesbian. board game. new years. 🙂

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