In Which the Prettiest Cat in the World Scares Us

Remember when I talked about how getting through the hard stuff is how I knew my wife was the one?  Well, let me just say: Thanks, Universe, for the reminder.  She has been the best through all of the stuff that’s been going on for the last week, even though she’s the only person I can take it all out on.  I have been incredibly grateful for that, for how she’s still here and still being supportive even if I am snippy with her about leaving piles around the house.  Because, you guys, she DOES leave piles around the house.  They’re just, uh, next to my piles, so really I have absolutely no ground to stand on on this one.

Well, last night I realized that it’s not just that she’s there to prop me up when things get hard.  Last night I realized what a team we are, and how much we can do together.

Last night, the Prettiest Cat in the World started vomiting, so Turtle called me at work to ask me about it.  Thanks, Piper, for doing this while I am still employed! Nice job!  I was all, “Oh, no biggie if it’s just once or twice, just keep an eye on her, she probably ate too fast.”  Word of advice: ask questions first, gently dismiss your wife later, only after considering the evidence.

“Bird! It wasn’t once or twice or food.  It’s been six or seven times.”

That’s a lot of times.  I went home after work and we gave her pepcid and tried to give her fluids (turns out The Prettiest Cat in the World is also the Sharpest, Pointiest, and Most Stubborn Cat in the World), and then we decided to get ready for bed.

And then The Prettiest Cat in the World started vomiting blood.

We ended up taking her to work, where my awesome vet met with us and took a look at her and helped us give her fluids.  It was questionable whether she had anything in her stomach, but she stopped vomiting, and we decided to watch her overnight and go to an emergency clinic if it seemed to get worse.  This morning, she woke me up asking for food and is very upset that I won’t give her any.  Not as upset as she’ll be when she realizes we’re going back to the vet for a recheck.  Muah! Ha! Ha!

What I a grateful for in this whole thing, besides an awesome vet who is willing to go back to work at 10pm, is an awesome wife who is just the best partner.  There was no arguing, no “you do X, I’m busy doing Y!”, no questioning what we needed to do.  It was just, “Okay, we have to make sure things are okay. Let’s go.” mixed with a lot of reassuring (“Well, maybe we WILL spend all night at the emergency clinic, but it’s going to be okay.”) and a few jokes (“This is what happens when we try to go to bed on time.  We’ll be fine if we plan to stay up ALL NIGHT.”).  We got home and we made things happen.  Turtle learned how to squeeze a bag of fluids to make them run faster.  I learned that Piper is the BEST cat to xray.  Even if she did try to bite me when I tried to give her fluids.

I think this picture accurately captures our relationship: I hug her, she tries to turn invisible.

Has anything happened lately that has reminded you of how awesome your significant other is?



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10 responses to “In Which the Prettiest Cat in the World Scares Us

  1. Kristine

    I agree, she is the prettiest cat in the world. I really hope everything is figured out and she feels better soon. That’s pretty scary. We all need vets that are willing to come in at 10pm!

    My husband is always doing things that remind me how awesome he is. Our relationship is far from perfect and he does do many things that irritate the heck out of me, but at the bottom level, he gets it. It hasn’t happened yet, luckily, but I am pretty sure if our cat vomitted blood right before bed, he would be right by my side as we rushed to the emergency clinic.

  2. Back when we still had Fin (our chihuahua mix) he used to chase his tail, viciously. He would always pull out his fur and sometimes he would bleed from the damage he did before we could intervene. No amount of exercise, training or medication ever helped. In June of this past year he actually bit a half inch off of the tip of his tail. He was bleeding everywhere and suddenly it didn’t matter that there was blood on my new shirt, or that we had just walked in the door, or that it was a Friday night and we were both exhausted. I held Fin, Laur called the emergency clinic and it didn’t matter if we were going to spend the entire night in the waiting room of the clinic. This was our dog and we were going to make sure that everything was okay.

    Sometimes (for me, more than sometimes) you don’t want to walk the dog, or do the dishes or make dinner- but when it matters the most, there isn’t any arguing or any guilt trips. When it counts, we’re a well oiled machine.

    • “Sometimes (for me, more than sometimes) you don’t want to walk the dog, or do the dishes or make dinner- but when it matters the most, there isn’t any arguing or any guilt trips. When it counts, we’re a well oiled machine.”

      Exactly exactly exactly. You said this so well.

      Also, you guys did awesome with Fin. I’m so glad you have Charlie now!

  3. oh, and how did the re-check go?

  4. Julie

    Oh no, I hope Piper is okay!!! Give us updates. That’s so scary. It’s the worst, most helpless feeling when something happens to your baby. Hopefully all turned out well. You are so lucky to have your teammate by your side 🙂

    My significant other is pretty stellar and does a lot of great things. The most recent happened yesterday morning. It was around 6am and he’d slept about two hours after his night shift. But the weather was so freakishly cold (one degree with windchill, they were saying) that he woke up and drove me to work so I didn’t freeze during my bike commute. Such unexpected awesomeness. I’m gonna have to bake his favorite brownies this weekend.

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