Hope and Healing

I had big plans for this weekend, involving festivities and relaxing, and then getting back to blogging on Monday with a clear mind and a lot of thoughtful things to say.

One thing that’s funny about blogging is how much personal stuff I do share, how much I can say about the bumpy parts of my relationship with my wife and finding balances with my family, how much detail I am willing to go into about dealing with depression and therapy and medications and even sex.  Well, the funny thing is when and how I am able to share all that: after the fact is fine, after I can parse it out and look back on it and it’s already a story.

I know I wrote a post called “the short version” last week, but this version is that I am feeling a lot and I don’t know how to say any of it. I spent a lot of last weekend visiting my dad in the hospital.  Don’t worry, folks! He made his escape, we returned his dog, and all seems to be returning to normal (though he declined our offer – nay, our plea – for him to take Daphne home with him tonight).  But this weekend my grandfather went to the doctor and was in quadruple bypass surgery within 24 hours of that visit. Will you, internet people, please send my family healing thoughts?  I would really appreciate it.

Seeing my grandfather and wife interact this summer was one of the best things of the whole summer.

Anyway… here’s what else happened this weekend: on Sunday we picked out our Christmas tree and it is naked in the corner of our living room except for the one ornament that we found and couldn’t not buy.

Really. How could we leave that at the store? We couldn’t.  It needed us almost as much as we needed it.

Our other purchase was the stocking to complete our little family.  Piper has always had a stocking and Daphne got hers last year.  Look, folks, I know the pets don’t care, but I felt guilty not having one for Jake, so I bought this:

What’s that you say?  It looks a little like Jake but has too many eyes?

Ahem. Problem solved with a pair of scissors and some sheer brute force (yes, they sewed AND glued those eyes on!).  Also, my sewing skills require some work, but I think it’s pretty clear that the fish says “Jake” (and hopefully is not read as “Jaxe”, which I was worried about).

Are you starting any holiday decorating or festivities?  Weekend highlights?  Please share!



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18 responses to “Hope and Healing

  1. I ❤ ❤ ❤ the snowman ornament!!! I wish we had one too! Our tree went up Thursday (courtesy of my wife and a friend of hers). Saturday, we spent the weekend making gingerbread houses with friends. http://gumballgirl.wordpress.com/2010/12/12/gratitude-day-14/
    Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours visiting *my* dad in the rehab center where he is recovering from hip replacement. Here's hoping we both have good weeks this week!

    • Cheers to good weeks for us and our families!

      Ahh I should have stocked up on that ornament to send around! It was just a regular old Christmas store, and nestled in there were the gayest snowmen ever. <3!

      Your houses look fantastic.

  2. By the way, I am glad your Dad is OK, and will send healing thoughts for your grandfather and peace to you and your family.

  3. The stocking and your new ornament are just too perfect!
    Also, I’ll keep your grandfather in my thoughts, I hope everything goes well.

  4. Raffe

    Love the snowman! Lovely Girlfriend and I got a christmas tree last Friday even though I’m leaving on Thursday and we are so happy with it. We had 1 ornament, which I got for her for christmas last year, and a string of lights. But then she got some wrapping paper (gold with sparkles, silver with sparkles, silver, and red), which I promptly made into a variety of origami ornaments, so now our tree is pretty, on the cheap! It does kind of look like a “themed” tree out of Martha Stewart, which makes me giggle, but it also looks nice. We are using a red sweatshirt as the skirt.

    The only problem, we discovered, is that while the glitter on the wrapping paper is indeed very sparkly and pretty, it also has a distressing tendency to rub off the paper, getting all over the floor and promptly being tracked all over the apartment. I fear the holiday spirit will linger for months if not years.

    Sending happy, healing, holiday thoughts your way.

  5. I am sending all of our well wishes to your grandfather. This christmas we are foregoing the tree. I know… it is shameful. I feel horrible about it but my fiancé’s job would all but require that I go at it alone and getting a tree home in NYC is NOT an easy task. I vow not to let another year go by without one though (we managed to have a tree last year… why are we being so lazy… too much wedding planning?).

  6. Many healthy thoughts for your family!

    We only have a miniature tree this year, which doesn’t quite satisfy my love of sparkly lights and eclectic ornaments. I heart your snowmen. But I did make a gingerbread house this weekend, which looks awesome and smells tasty too.

    • Oooh gingerbread house sounds fun! Maybe we need to do this as a tradition… do you eat it afterwards? I was never sure how that worked. Thanks for the snowman compliment and your good thoughts! 🙂

  7. Goose

    COVETING your Christmas decorations. As a latecomer to the Christmas thing, I have some difficulty getting excited about tree decorations and stockings in the house, but even I can appreciate the awesomeness of the rainbow-clad snowpeople and the Jake Lookalike.

    I’m sending healing thoughts to all, too. What a lot to deal with for everyone. Take care and please send Maya my love tomorrow night.

  8. Kristine

    I am glad to hear your father is doing well and hope your grandfather will be much the same after his surgery. That’s pretty heavy stuff and I will be wishing you all the best!

    I love Christmas lights. So we have them up pretty much everywhere this year. We have more lights than ornaments, more lights than any other decoration in general, and I still think we need more.

    Both of my pets have stockings too. They are too cute to resist.

    Take care of yourselves!

  9. Julie

    Best wishes to your dad and grandfather for speedy recoveries… will be thinking good thoughts for them both.

    You guys have the best ornaments, ever. If my secular-Jewish ass ever gets a Christmas tree, it will certainly be festooned with ornaments like yours.

    • Thanks Julie! Also, this is the BEST sentence I have read all day: “If my secular-Jewish ass ever gets a Christmas tree, it will certainly be festooned with ornaments like yours.” Festooned? Love it.

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