The Short Version

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m really busy, and I’m really enjoying being really busy.  That said, it’s sort of a fuzzy gray area between, “Whee! Really busy is fun and exhilarating! I love puppies and kitties and cookies and I’m so busy I don’t even notice the huge mess that has taken over our house!” and “AHH NOTHING WILL EVER GET DONE.”  The first one should be said like I’m the simple dog, and the second like I’m the helper dog.

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The exciting thing that’s happening is that I am figuring out, slowly but surely, what I want to do with my life and where to direct my time and energy once this over-employed insanity becomes under-employed insanity.  I’m feeling hopeful and inspired, but I still don’t have the answers I want.  It’s a process, I suppose.

In the meantime, I started blogging every day for NaBloPoMo, and I haven’t really stopped.  It’s sort of like exercising: sometimes it’s hard to just do it, but the endorphins make it worth it.  And by endorphins, I mean comments and emails that you guys send me… thanks for all your support and awesomeoness.  BUT! The helper dog in me has decided that getting up early or staying up late to write is not necessarily healthy anymore, so I’m cutting back – no more weekend posts.

I don’t know if you all have seen Avenue Q – if you haven’t, do it! Go see it! It’s like Rent but with puppets. And funnier. – but there’s a song that’s been going through my head, with slightly modified lyrics:

My version goes, “It’s a fine, fine line between insanity and alive…”

Finally, goats! Because it’s Thursday, and that means it’s almost Friday.  Hooray!

best. honeymoon. ever.

What are you doing this weekend?  Where is your happy place?  Will you still be here when regular Bird who has slept a regular amount on a regular basis comes back?  Please say yes.



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12 responses to “The Short Version

  1. Of course I will still be here! You need to take care of yourself, or you will COMPLETELY burn out! Enjoy your weekend, spend time with your wife, get some sleep, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

  2. Yes please sleep. We don’t need you getting sick or worn out because of blogging. I do love what you write but I can live a day or two without one of you posts. Rest up!

  3. Kristine

    I knew it, I knew no human being could keep up the pace of writing every single day for over a month while working 597784 jobs. Thank you for making me feel a little better about missing a few days here and there while only working one job. Now I will have a chance to actually read your posts properly instead of having them come at me all rapid-fire like. 🙂

    Did you seriously visit goats on your honeymoon? I am so jealous. I keep asking for a goat for Christmas but so far I keep getting weird looks in return. Aren’t they the cutest animals ever?

    Sleep well!

    • Hahaha this made me laugh out loud at work! Thanks 🙂

      We DID visit goats on our honeymoon, and it was awesome! I almost tried to steal one but then realized we had almost a week left and I didn’t know what to do with a goat for a whole week. Sad.

  4. Hey! Meet my future sister-in-law’s new animal behavior themed blog, Herding Humans.

  5. The husband and I are moving cross-country so I can “find” my happy place…lol…gotta love him, oh, wait…i do. anyhow, i’ll have to check out that avenue q…sounds like a good time.

  6. I’ve been so impressed with everyone who’s done NaBloPoMo, but you seriously should rest! I love that you went to see the goats on your honemyoon. I loved visitng the farm up there!

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