Thanks, Roller Derby Rejection

Someone recently happened upon my blog after doing a search for “didn’t make roller derby team.”

Whoever you are, I am so, so sorry. It really sucks, doesn’t it? Like, it really, really sucks. You know that already, so I’m not going to tell you about why it sucks; you have your reasons and I had mine and they were probably quite similar, but if they weren’t that’s okay, too. But here’s something I got out of it: not making roller derby can be really awesome.

i LOVE not making roller derby!

When I didn’t make roller derby the first time around, I threw myself into this blog. I started writing and planning and through that have discovered this amazing community of strong women who care about being strong women and inspire me to think about who I am and who I want to be in this world. And that’s all off skates!

When I didn’t make roller derby the second time, I realized that I couldn’t stay in a job that was not fulfilling for me. I realized I had been waiting for derby to come along and fulfill something in me, and when that didn’t work out, I decided I would have to do it myself. So I quit my job (um, last day isn’t for 2 weeks), stocked up on part time stuff (hello having four jobs right now), and was amazed to find so many people supporting me and my decision. I was amazed at how strong I felt in making that decision.

If I had made roller derby the first time, I don’t think I would have started writing. If I’d made it the second time, I would probably still be in a job that isn’t doing much for me (which I sort of am, but really proud of myself for leaving in two weeks. Yay me!). So, Internet Search Stranger, I think that this could be something really, really good for you.

Turtle gives you a thumbs up for the awesome turn your life is taking. It is taking awesome turns, I swear!


On another note, if you play or follow roller derby at all, you might have heard of the roller derby quilt.

You guys, I am sort of famous by association! I totally know the Roller Derby Quilt Mama, aka Dreadnought, because she used to be my Freshmeat Mama, and before that she was my across-the-street-neighbor, and before that she was a carpool buddy.  She is awesome, and she is an epic skater (yes, I called you an epic skater), and she also really loves her quilt in a way that is inspirational.  Skaters from all over the country have been mailing her squares, and she posts pictures of them here; you should definitely check her out, and send a square if you can!

Even if you have never heard of her or the quilt and you don’t wear roller skates, you probably think roller derby is cool enough that you want to rock some awesome derby merchandise – all while supporting Dread and her Amazing Quilt.  Luckily, you now have that opportunity! Click on the image to buy pretty things.





Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is or isn’t full of roller derby, depending on what you prefer.

(Oh, and today I plan to actually fill out the ref application. Yay!)

Did anything that seemed heartbreaking and horrible for you turn out to be something wonderful?  Please tell me and Internet Stranger your happy hopeful stories.



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4 responses to “Thanks, Roller Derby Rejection

  1. Julie

    Ooh, I can relate. Sort of. Except not in as much of an adult way.

    I didn’t get into my first choice of undergrad. It’s a great school but wasn’t ridiculously competitive at the time, so I was completely shocked at the rejection. (Oh, adolescent ego, how I miss thee). By shocked, I mean gutted. Flattened. Floored. Crushed. I’d been wanting to attend Dream School for years and had imagined my entire future there, 1000 miles from home. Of course I’d given no thought to where else I might apply. I cried myself to sleep every night for longer than I should admit. It was bad. Unreasonable? Yes, of course. But still devastating.

    Fast forward a few months. My dad dragged me along to tour his alma mater while he was on a business trip to the area. In spite of the rejection, I was still miserably convinced that nothing could be as wonderful as Dream School. To appease the parents, I applied to Alma Mater last second and was accepted. I started there convinced I’d hate it but… lo and behold… I walked onto the rowing team there are a novice, and thus began one of the best experiences of my life. College was actually pretty awesome as a result of my crew experience, and my new skills have allowed me to compete since college. I’ve traveled the country, competed at NCAA’s, and won lots of medals. If I had gone to Dream School, I never would have gotten into rowing, much less competed at that level: they have a very informal club team.

    Here’s the funny ending. I finished undergrad, and guess where my first adult job was? At Dream School, in the research sector, doing awesome things. And I loved it. Every time I got to work, I thought “I’m finally here!”

  2. This story gave me chills! That’s so cool!

    I’m not sure I believe in fate, per se, but I’ve been really big on This Means Something Better Will Come Along, or There’s a Reason For This. Even if that reason is just to get me to open my eyes and expand my life a little more… it’s hard to have new adventures if we’re just doing the same old thing, right?

  3. Julie

    Yes! I agree completely! Things DO work out in the end, even if it’s hard to foresee when you’re in the middle of feeling crushed. Something big is headed your way to fill the derby space. It will just take time to figure out what that something is. I, for one, can’t wait until you blog about it!

  4. Lisa

    I agree, Miranda! Although I was very sad that you didn’t make it (I was thinking of trying out next year and when I found out that the likes of you were cut, it ended my derby dreams right then and there), but I do feel like everything happens for a reason, when one door closes another one opens, and all that jazz. Years ago I canceled a wedding to a wonderful guy with whom I had a house, a dog, two cars, four stepkids, etc. It was awful and gut-wrenching and incredibly sad, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I moved out on my own, met lots of incredible people, started traveling the world, took a promotion, etc…. I suddenly had the confidence that I could handle whatever came my way. I never would have tried out for derby if I’d been married with kids, and I never would have met the awesome derby girls I did, and hence I never would have known about your terrific blog. So there. Bring it on, life!
    P.S. Congrats on your emancipation from your job. It’ll all work out!

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