Across the Shoreline: Glory Bound

Happy December, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I appreciate the snow while it’s here and often dread it until then.  So how about we take a look back at a warm-ish and awesome day in the fall? Yes, let’s.

After our first look, it was time to head to the ceremony itself.

Here’s something big, folks: I was prepared to feel something really enormous.  I was ready for something powerful to take me over.  I had tissues in my pocket, and I was ready for the tears… and they never came.  The whole time, it was like I was watching from just outside.  Were these the words we had asked the minister to read? Why, yes, they were, and they did sound quite nice.  Was that the meaningful poem? Yes, it was.  Hmm, I can see why we chose it.  Hey, are we doing things in the right order?

This didn’t make the ceremony less special to me.  I look through these pictures and it’s almost like my world has shifted a little; I am moved enormously now.  But at the time, I was so focused on how it was going that I had trouble being there for it.  Now, every picture brings back the emotion from the whole day.

Anyway, on with it. (All photos by Ellie Leonardsmith or Alison Abreu-Garcia.)

Our ceremony location was absolutely beautiful.

I love this picture of our minister, excited and happy before the ceremony starts. I like to think that this is how everyone looked that morning.

My little brother walked my mom down the aisle.  It was a big production to get him to dress up; he agreed to wear the shirt and pants that were actually somewhere near his waist, though he would not wear a belt or tuck the shirt in.  He was thrilled to be allowed to wear a bowtie.

Turtle’s grandpa and mom walked down the aisle together.

My sister and my dad came down – I love how they’re both smiling here.  I wish I could have seen this a little less through the “Eek I’m next!” frame… it’s nice to have the pictures to look back on.

At this point, the music started! We finally decided on what music we were going to play for our entrance two nights before the wedding. Just like deciding what time to get married, I can’t imagine having any other music. So, listen to the music below. Our bridal brigade started to come in when the music began, and then we came in at the Hallelujah (at 1:24). How can you not get goosebumps here? You can’t. Especially if you just took off your sweater and are, you know, about to get married.

We had asked all of our bridal brigade to wear either a navy blue dress or khakis, a white shirt, and a blue tie or bowtie (bowtie for my little brother, of course).  They picked whatever they wanted in their price range, and may I just say they all looked amazing?  I love these people.  Also, you may notice some of them were carrying books. Yes, there were books in our ceremony!  As someone who always wrote “reading and writing” as a “hobby” or “additional interest” anytime possible, I thought the books were kind of amazing.  They all had the readings we wanted – yes, the individual poems were important, but so were the books themselves.  Who needs to carry flowers down the aisle when you can carry e.e. cummings?

Everyone had arrived, and were standing, waiting for us to enter.

My parents and one set of grandparents watching us come in.

Turtle’s mom and grandpa watching us arrive.

(You guys!? Isn't she SO PRETTY?! She is the prettiest. Whoa I am lucky.)

And here we are, ready for the big words.

Funny story here: I could not look out at everyone.  I did once, and everyone was looking at me! It made me really nervous, so I looked at Turtle for the rest of the time.  Also I knew I wanted to hold her hands, but I didn’t know if I was supposed to, or how I was supposed to do it while holding flowers.  The solution came when our minister told us we could give the flowers to our bridal brigade and hold each others’ hands.  Lots of choices that are tough to make when all your favorite people are staring at you! Luckily, marrying her was not one of the tough choices.

Did you find yourself as present as you anticipated being?

(In case you missed anything, first we spent time with all our people and then we got ready.  See all Across the Shoreline posts here.)


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19 responses to “Across the Shoreline: Glory Bound

  1. I just clicked on your name on APW and found myself here on this perfect-for-APW post, and I felt compelled to tell you that I felt exactly the same on our wedding day. I felt really detached for a lot of it, like I was looking at it from someone elses point of view, and was wondering when I was going to actually *feel* it. One month later I feel it way more than I did on the day. Weddings do funny things to you.

    ALSO – those two dresses are some of the prettiest I’ve seen. And don’t even get me started in the flowers….

    • Hi Clare! Thanks for commenting… I’m actually really, really relieved to hear I’m not the only one who felt that way. It’s also very comforting to no longer feel that way looking through the pictures.

      Ahh our flowers were amazing! And I don’t even care about flowers…

  2. This post made me cry. You two are the cutest!

    • Aww thanks! Your wedding recaps have been making me cry – I am loving reading them. If I had to pick someone else’s wedding to have, I’d pick yours. Except not in a creepy way, and also there would be a rule where I’d still be marrying Turtle.

  3. efd

    ahh. i love the wailin jennys & i love that song (though heaven when we’re home is my fave). listening to it as i scrolled down through your photos totally got me teary-eyed as well. you’re both beautiful. xoxo

  4. It sounds like a lovely ceremony! I was so nervous when I got married even though it was just me, Brian and the minister lady. Even now, I have a hard time watching our wedding video because I get nervous all over again! I can’t imagine what my nerves would have been like if I’d had family and friends there, too.

  5. lyn

    I am all over this post. I am totally with you. During the ceremony? It was like having an out-of-body experience. I knew what was coming next in the script, and my thoughts were peppered with things like “OMG, why is our officiant reading so s-l-o-w-l-y” and “are we going to be able to get our rings back from the guests in time for the exchange?” I, too, could not look at the crowd for fear of knowing that they were, um, looking back at me. It was crazy.

    But it was also great. And I agree too that going back through the pictures really brings it all back in a more relaxed way.

    And your pictures look so lovely. I love how happy you look in the last one! And it’s such a pretty place down there by the water near the cabins. Ahhhh. So awesome!

    • That is EXACTLY how I felt! Ok, now I really feel better knowing it’s not just me. No one warned me I might feel detached! I thought it would be all swoony! Thanks internet friends for validating me 🙂

  6. Kristine

    I love how you’re just beaming at your wife in the last photo. *sigh* I never used to like weddings but now I’m turning into such a softie. Or maybe it’s just that weddings are lovelier and more romantic than they used to be? Anyway, thanks for sharing yours!

    • I never used to like weddings either! What’s been getting me is not that they are more romantic, but that they seem more honest (at least the ones that I’ve been in love with). I love the movement of people who are like, “forget what I’m *supposed* to do, here is what is true to me (with some compromise mixed in),” and those weddings seem really magical.

  7. This really took me down memory lane. Z was the one who let loose with the water works, even though I was sure I’d be the one to cry. I just stood there with a humongous grin on my face the whole time. I was just so damn happy.

    • You guys are adorable. I think I saw a picture of you on your wedding day on Facebook somewhere… you both looked so young and untattooed! I’m excited to see how we’ll look back on these pictures in ten years…

  8. Julie

    Ahhh, lovelovelove this post. Thanks for sharing 🙂 You two are so freakin’ cute! I loved all the photos, but the photo of you at the altar, holding the flowers/each other’s hand and gazing into each others’ eyes, is so amazing.

    • Aw thanks, Julie! More to come in approximately 8 minutes from now.

      The day made me warm and fuzzy, writing these posts made me warm and fuzzy, and these comments make me warm and fuzzy! Getting married + the internet = awesome! 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh, I just started crying listening to your music and looking at the pictures. I am not a crier when I read wedding recaps. Choke up a little occasionally, but I have tears coming out of my eyes and sniffles right now. I just think it’s the beauty of this song and seeing you guys so happy and beautiful. Spooky that I scrolled down to see the two of you guys walking in right as the Hallelujah came in for its second refrain. I think that’s what instigated the tears. My goodness, this is just too moving. I love it.

    • Yay! I’m so glad the music worked out right! And good that *someone* cried 🙂 Actually, I hear a lot of people cried… just not me. How strange.

      Thanks for commenting: see warm fuzzy comment above.

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