T is for Trouble, Truman, and TrueLove

To commemorate my last day of Petsitting Insanity, I bring you the Celebrated Truman, also known as T Monster, TruMonster, and Squeee! Because he’s just that cute.

First, pictures of him with us so there’s something of size to compare him to.

Day one, about ten minutes after we came home.

5 or 6 weeks

kittens are cute as a survival technique, because honestly they have no manners and they are very sharp.

sevenish weeks?

Also 7ish weeks.

Thanksgiving kitten! He's around 10 weeks now.

Second, just adorable pictures of him, because kittens are really cute.

Teeny weeny! He lived in the tub for his first week with us.

He helped my friend Kitty with her Halloween costume: Crazy Cat Lady.

He became more catlike!

He learned how to get into laundry baskets/ideal napping places/hiding places that scare his mommas into thinking they lost him.

Truman and Daphne are learning to be in love.

Have a happy Saturday!



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5 responses to “T is for Trouble, Truman, and TrueLove

  1. Sue B

    Ok, I’m sorry, but you have to keep him! Daphne loves him! You have to keep him!!!!!!!

    • Haha, we actually decided last night: he’s moving out. Daph is the only one in the family who does love him, and her love does not outweigh the other cats’ stress. I’m sure it would all settle down soon, but my mom is really excited to have him, too!

  2. Kristine

    Oh my goodness, how freaking adorable. If he gets along with the dog, you know he’s gotta be a keeper. C’mon, you know you can’t give him up now…

    You know you wanna. 😉

  3. OMG, that last picture is so adorable!! I want my doggies to do that!

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