Sassy Sunday, Lesbian Edition

Some things I might rant about later, but that you can check out now:

A hilarious video about being a lesbian in a not-quite friendly environment.

The NY Times has some tax tips for same-sex couples. At first, I was all, “Thanks, NYTimes! This is so helpful!”  Sadly, that quickly shifted into “Why the EFF are there so many PUNISHMENTS for being a same sex couple??”  One particularly aggravating note: “In our article that tallied up the extra costs that same-sex couples incur over the course of their lifetimes, we found that same-sex couples could spend around $12,300 more on tax preparation fees than their heterosexual counterparts.” Ugh.

Apparently, this is a popular (new?) show.  I only watched the first couple of episodes, but I am intrigued.

I discovered BlogHer like whoa today, and have been entertained by going through their GLBT tags.

Anyone else have some good gay links for me today?

And, to wrap things up, a picture from our honeymoon: a pretty lesbian and a llama who loves her. Yeah, our honeymoon was pretty awesome.

Lesbians love llamas. It's a mutual feeling.

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