Silly Saturdays, or How to Dress Your Dog

A couple of days ago, Megan (aka Mrs. Guinea Pig!) posted about her sister’s cute dog and her awesome (um, somewhat shark-like?) cats.  She made a neat video of her cats “foraging” for food, which is a kitty entertainment and weight loss technique that we often suggest to people at the cat-only hospital where I work.  It’s awesome to see it in action; it seems to really work!

Anyway, Megan’s cool video inspired me to try to use the iMovie on my computer, which I never really considered before.  Here is my choppy video, which is not very high quality but is high entertainment (for me, at least).  Warning: the language in the music is not safe for work or for children, so either mute it or just consider yourself warned.

Some background: The first winter I had Daphne, she did not adjust very well. Her paws cracked and bled in the snow, leaving a trail of little bloody specks everywhere she went, and she spent a lot of time shivering. That said, she loved playing in the snow.

I know, she doesn't LOOK maladjusted...

Solution? Dog booties and, of course, a jacket.  She adapted pretty well to the booties, and we’ve had to use them a couple of times since then when she cut her paws (on glass once, on rocks another time) and we needed to keep them clean and dry.

Hardcore dog boots, with the same soles as Merrells. Seriously.

The jacket? Well, it did not go over so well:

A few months later, we tried a t-shirt…

She did much better then, but maybe because she appreciates higher education.

Anyone else clothing their dog?  Anyone else embarrassed about it?  I have to say, we got a lot of flack for our dog booties at the dog park…


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10 responses to “Silly Saturdays, or How to Dress Your Dog

  1. Ohmygod, she looks SO SAD! You big meanie. 🙂

  2. cmc

    Another reason I want a dog: to put a cute halloween costume jacket on it. Yessssssssssss.

    • The sad thing is that she would look SO CUTE in a costume, but she wouldn’t be willing to walk or do anything in it. Before I took this video, I tried giving Daphne HOT DOGS and she wouldn’t eat, she was so upset.

  3. Harriet chewed her jacket off herself the first time we left her in it in her crate. But now she doesn’t mind it at all. So maybe with time? I really think it helps her be able to play outside longer. Our dogs don’t have that much fur, and when she comes shivering to the door, I don’t think she’s faking it. So jackets have a place for some dogs up here.

  4. Charlie doesn’t have much fur, so we bought a little thermal sweatshirt and a jacket for her. It isn’t really cold enough to use them yet- but it will be soon. We go on really long walks almost daily (no yard=so many walks!) and when we are our for an hour or two, her little belly is just frozen! She’s a pit, so she doesn’t have much fur, but I am sure we still get some funny looks.

    • I am LOVING hearing about Charlie – write about her more! I am so, so excited that you guys found the right dog for you.

      We got Daph’s jacket at REI outlet, and I was really pleased with it. Sadly, though, she was not, as you can tell.

      Also, the worst part about having a yard is that it has made us SUPER lazy about walking the dog. Mostly we just play in the yard, and I don’t think it’s enough for her; plus we could use more walking. I’m trying to be better about this.

  5. Kristine

    Okay, maybe I’m just mean too, but that video was so funny. Poor little puppy.

    I love the booties. I think it’s so great they make such great stuff for dogs these days. I’ve yet to put much on my dog Shiva other than a scarf but now I’m going to have to try just as an experiment.

  6. Aaahahahaha! I love it: the music is perfect 🙂 Poor Daphne just looks so … hopeless? with the jacket on! My sister makes her dog wear booties in the snow too, but his are bright yellow rubber, so he looks pretty ridiculous.
    I’m so glad you made a movie! Are my cats shark-like because of their intense food-tracking skills?? Buster will eat anything – pizza crust, asparagus, cheese, you name it. Our cats are weird.

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