Sponsored Post: Being a Family is Awesome

You all have probably noticed a flurry of Shutterfly cards being, ahem, advertised on some of your favorite blogs.  Yeah, they’re doing a pretty tempting thing where, if we talk about their awesome cards, they give us some for free.  Full disclosure: I am happy to write about things I like if I get something out of it.  Key phrase: things I like.

You may have heard that I got married a couple of months ago to a pretty great woman.  So far, marriage is awesome.  One thing that we agreed on pretty quickly – once we figured it out – was that we were going to have the same last name.  Funny thing is, it took me a month and a half to introduce myself with my new, full name.  Often someone will ask me the last name and I’ll give them the new one, no big deal; but only last week did I introduce myself by my entire new name.  I got all fluttery, and it hit me again: this is us.  This is our family.  We are The Bird-McTurtlesons.

And that brings me to the post of today: holiday cards.  Even before I found out about this sponsored post thing, I was really excited to send out holiday cards from The Bird-McTurtleson Family.  This is adulthood, people!

So here are some of the cards I am considering (click on any of them to take you to the Shutterfly site):

"Joy Love Story" - click on image to make your own!


"We Heart You" - click on image to make your own!


"Snowflake Reflections" - click on image to make your own!


"Framed with Love" - click on image to make your own!

Who comes up with these titles?  No idea.

I signed the card with all of our beasts’ names (including Truman… hmm… don’t read into this, we have made no official decisions yet), so then I felt like I had to include pictures of at least some of them.  Piper often looks annoyed in pictures, especially if she has to share the spotlight with us, so that is why she is not featured here.

If we didn’t have so many pictures, or if I were better at decision making, we could probably narrow it down a little better.  But we do, and I’m not, so here are lots of options.  I narrowed it down using some strict self-imposed rules: no folding cards (I don’t have a lot of prolific things to say on a holiday card beyond, “We spent the year planning our wedding, and now I’m bored so I blog a lot.”); no “Merry Christmas,” as I plan to send these to lots of Jews (“Happy Holidays” or “Warm wishes” is always preferable to me); and pictures must have some sort of line between them, otherwise my eyes are confused.

I really love a couple of the cards other people have posted about, too:  The Marshes have some really pretty cards in the works. Miss Cardigan posted some really cute one-photo options, too.

So here’s the deal: Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, check it out here. It was fun putting these all together, though in reality my wife has a huge say in this whole thing, so they may turn out looking totally different.  Which of these four do you prefer?  Which pictures are the best pictures?

Happy holidays way, way in advance!



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6 responses to “Sponsored Post: Being a Family is Awesome

  1. Ok, my votes are either for “We Heart You” or “Framed with Love.” If you do “We Heart You,” though, I’d suggest switching the picture on the middle left to something with a more consistent color scheme to the others. If you do “Framed with Love,” I’d suggest flipping the lower left photo horizontally, so that the red dress/shorter person is contained on the inside… otherwise you get a downward line from the heads that makes me feel like Turtle’s mom is going to fall off the page.

    Yeah, this is me being super design-geeky, but hey- you asked for advice! They all look really nice though, and we’d love to have any of them on our fridge!!

    Hey, I just had a thought… at some point, we should do a pet portrait with my big camera and lights!

  2. i can’t decide which one i like….. life is so tough! haha!

    although the love, peace and joy one with you guys laying in the grass is cutie patootie.

  3. I like snowflake reflections! And you should keep the kitten.

  4. Laurie

    I like We Heart You because it has the most pictures of the two of you, pictures of your pets, and your families. I would love any of them, though!

  5. akc

    I vote for We Heart You!

  6. cmc

    I also vote “I heart you” aaaand, I heart you! aaaaaaaaaaand so are you going to use shutterfly to post those pics you owe me?!!? ;-D

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