Fitting in the boxes

One thing that has been on my mind as of late is taxes.  Partly because of all the election stuff that’s been going on…

…and partly because we are now legally married – in Massachusetts.  But, haha, funny story – our marriage is not federally recognized.  And this makes filing our taxes oh so confusing.  I was filling out a W-2 the other day and had to check the box about how I’m filing: Single, Married, or Married Filing as Single.  Um, I left it blank.  Ask me later? I have no idea what the right answer is.

BUT! This is a great time to show you some boxes that I sure do know how to fill out! The boxes on our marriage license application:


Party A and Party B! We picked which we were by going alphabetically. Fun and easy and had nothing to do with our genitalia (unlike Male and Female, in case you were wondering what I was implying), yay!

The whole process was easy, welcoming, and comfortable.  And then we picked up our license a few days later!  I felt incredibly lucky that we have this option.


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