We invite you… part 2

I didn’t want to overwhelm you with the beauty of our fabulous invitations, so I saved the actual invites for today… lucky you.

Okay, but really, there have been some really fabulous invitations on the internet, and ours were not those.  As I said before, we wanted to keep it simple.  That said, I do really love how they came out.  They were pretty, but still simple and got the message across.  I think the hardest part was figuring out exactly how to convey the message that everyone getting the invitation was invited because they were so important to us.  We didn’t do courtesy invites or friendly invites – everyone was very intentionally invited, and we wanted people to know that.  We went back and forth on this for awhile, considering almost every single word, and finally settled on:

Because your love, guidance, and friendship have been important to us in our individual lives, we would like you to join us in celebrating and affirming our life as a couple.  Please join us for our wedding…

The wording we used was inspired by this post on So You’re EnGayged. Since going through this whole Getting Married thing, I’m finding I have a much greater appreciation for details, like exactly what words are where on invitations.  Which invitations did we end up going with, you ask?  Well, here:


Even though we didn’t do fancy folders or a ton of cute inserts, we did have a couple of other things in the envelope with the invitations.  First, we had simple RSVP cards, which we blank on the back; we invited people to write a note or draw us a picture, and we got some really impressive artistic RSVPs back (pictures to come!).  Second, we had an information card, which listed the events of the weekend (Kimball Farm on Saturday afternoon, potluck at our house on Sunday), as well as some fun places to visit in the area.


our invitation "suite"

We then spent a solid weekend (or two) addressing envelopes, numbering RSVP cards, tracking down people’s addresses (guys! do this way before you need to do it, because it’s hard work doing it all while you’re trying to mail stuff out.).  The process was made more tolerable by doing it up at camp, and by drinking lots of wine. Wine helps everything wedding-related, I found.

Turtle, annoyed that we didn't do this earlier and that I'm taking pictures instead of being helpful.


me, hard at work writing return addresses

so pretty when you open the envelope!

exciting envelope innards!

We weren’t into fancy calligraphy, especially since I never noticed or cared about the writing on the envelope until WeddingBlogland told me I should.  I happily told WeddingBlogland to be quiet, and just tried to keep my handwriting neat.  Of course, if you’re into calligraphy, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that! It just really wasn’t a priority for us.

almost done!

Aaaand done! We really did love our invitations, but we were glad to see them go, and to be done with that whole part of the process.

Did you end up happy with the invitations you settled on?  What would you have done differently?  What do you notice the most when you receive an invitation?



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2 responses to “We invite you… part 2

  1. I definitely agree that wine helps ALL wedding related tasks go faster and happier!

    I LOVE all things paper so I’m a sucker for pretty textured paper, nice graphics, letterpress- the whole lot.

    We couldn’t afford lots of those things, but I was pretty darn happy with the solutions we came up with. I wouldn’t change a thing, unless I would go back in time, clone myself about 14 times, and then tackle that calligraphy nonsense.

    I really like the tree, the color choice and the placement of the return address across the back- it looks fresh, modern, and simple. In a great way!

    Nice work! I like. 🙂

    • Yay thanks! I had fun with the invites… I never cared so much about paper texture as I did for this.

      Also, just about all of my wedding regrets go something like that: “If I could do it again, I would have done X differently… if I had five more of myself and a million dollars.” All in all, I love all of it. Except for David’s Bridal, but oh well.

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