With this ring, I thee wed

While our wedding itself was nontraditional in that we are two women marrying each other, we did try to keep many traditional elements to the whole thing.  It was really important to us that our wedding was clearly a wedding, that it was the same ceremony that thousands of other couples go through when they create their new families with the blessings of their friends and the families they came from.

Some of the tradition we kept was in the structure of the ceremony, and some in the script itself.  When we exchanged rings, we said:

With this ring, I give you my promise to honor you, to be faithful to you, and to share my love and life with you in all ways, always. With this ring, I thee wed.

Photo by E. Leonardsmith

And that’s what I want to tell you about: our rings.  I’ve talked about our search for wedding rings a few times before.  It was important to me, for awhile, that the rings be identical, or at least very similar to each other, so that we would be recognized as two women married to each other, not just as two married women.  In the end, that went out the window.  Turtle found her ring at an antique shop in Boston, and she swooned.  She didn’t want to take it off.  It was clearly *her ring*, and it didn’t hurt that it matched her engagement ring.

Photo by E. Leonardsmith

My ring, funny enough, was the one that I had first fallen in love with, then briefly rejected for the love of another ring, and then finally accepted, and I couldn’t love it more.  We had both rings engraved with our pre-marital initials, and mine says MyInitials to HerInitials 9-18-10, and hers says HerInitials to MyInitials 9-18-10.  All the time I spent agonizing over the right thing seems a little bit silly now, because it’s so clear that we did what was right for us – but I think that that’s how a lot of our wedding decisions went.

(Legally) Married ladies on their honeymoon! Wearing pretty rings! Giddiness!

How did you make your ring decisions? Does your ring match your spouse’s?  Tell me about your interesting/exciting engravings!



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8 responses to “With this ring, I thee wed

  1. Trying to catch a close up of the rings, but can’t. They look beautiful hanging from the ribbon, though. And very elegant on the hand. I have a thing for simple bands.

    We hit up a pawn shop for our rings. We decided we wanted a solid metal band. I found the super thin yellow gold I was looking for and fortunately, the shop had a massive collection of white gold bands for men. We were there for 20 minutes, tried them on and bam, they were ours in two easy payments! Haha!

    • Ooh there will be more pictures, don’t you worry!

      That sounds wonderfully simple. I am vaguely jealous. Luckily my jealousy is eased by 1. being married and no longer having to plan the wedding, and 2. having awesome rings.

  2. They do look gorgeous hanging on the ribbon. I love how you came to find them – it’s like when you knew, you knew.

    We’re still in search of Andy’s…but he’s pretty easy and I offer my opinion when he asks about this one or that but ultimately I want him to love (or at least really like, not sure he could “love” any jewelry) it since it’s his and what he’ll be wearing.

    For mine, I took an old ring that was my mother’s that I got after she passed away. I’ve always liked it but bc it was hers, not really the style. So the jeweler used the tiny stones in that ring to make a new band that will be similar to the sides of my e-ring. I’ve only seen a wax mold, but I know I’m going to love it simply for what it is and that it ties me to my mom as well.

    • ooooh I love the idea of taking something old (and meaningful) and making it new! We talked about doing that with Turtle’s great-grandmother’s ring, but once she realized we were talking about melting it down, it quickly became apparent that wasn’t an option.

  3. Sue B

    My (ex) husband and I did something that I love with our rings, and still do, even though my marriage has long since ended.

    We found this great big oversized ring in an antique store. But what we loved about it was that it was platinum, something we would not have been able to afford had we gone to a “ring” store. We took this honkin’ thing to a jeweler and asked if he could make two new rings out of this one giant hunk of platinum. And that’s what he did. So our rings were literally two halves of a whole.
    Even though my marriage didn’t work my wedding day was still the best day of my life, and I still love and cherish my rings and all the special things about that very special day.

  4. Kristine

    We still haven’t gotten to the part of picking rings yet, but I think yours are beautiful. Antique is totally the way to go.

    Thank you for sharing.

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