Lesbians Getting Married: The First

One thing that felt super important for me in all of the wedding planning was seeing other lesbian couples out in WeddingBlogLand.  I’m still not sure exactly why this felt important.  Maybe because it affirmed that I belonged?  I am someone who likes to throw myself into whatever my *thing* is, which means thinking about it a lot, researching it, talking to people about it, and probably way over-analyzing it.  In the case of roller derby, this means watching a lot of derby videos, wearing ankle weights all the time, and doing a lot of visualizing (thanks Dread!).  In the case of getting married, it has meant stepping up my stances on the political aspects of same-sex marriage, reading a lot of blogs, doing a lot of crafts, and being really, really involved in creating our wedding.  More on wedding creation later… now, I want to show you some things.

I found few sites out there that occasionally featured lesbian weddings, and so when it did happen, I would look at the pictures a lot.  Like, really, a lot.  I picked the parts I did like, and the parts I didn’t like, and tried to figure out what I might want to do in my own wedding.  It’s not that I didn’t do this with heterosexual weddings; it just seemed somewhat distant, like a different culture or something.  Anyway, just in case anyone else has been experiencing something similar, I bring you… Lesbians(/Queers) Getting Married.  Click on the image for a link to where they were originally found.

Emily & Ali, from 100 Layer Cake


Amber & Karen, from Jenny GG Photography

Amber & Karen again, Jenny GG Photography


Mary & Kerry, from 2000 Dollar Wedding

Sarah & Megan, from A Practical Wedding

Holly & Sari, from 100 Layer Cake

I hope that this can be a continuing series.  If you are queer or a lesbian who is getting or got married and are willing to share your pictures, please send them along! If you are someone who just found some awesome photos (and can credit whoever took them), please send those along, too!  I know that sites like SoYou’reEnGAYged exist and are awesome, but sometimes I just want to look at pictures… so that’s what I’m hoping to do here.

When you are looking at (other people’s/stranger’s) wedding pictures, do you find yourself looking for people like you, and in what way?  What are your thoughts on this? I’m still trying to articulate it for myself, and I would love to hear what you think!



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9 responses to “Lesbians Getting Married: The First

  1. I most definitely look for couples that look like Josh and I. But you don’t get interracial couples very often. When I do see them, I get very tickled and squeal and smile. This goes for curvy brides, grooms with mustaches, interfaith ceremonies, etc. I feel a connection to them and an affection I wouldn’t for some other weddings.

    This goes for the weddings of blogger’s I enjoy. I may have very little in common with them, but what I do have in common with them (because I don’t follow blogs I can’t relate to) allows me to draw in other similarities in personality, humor, etc. And I’m able to feel connected to their weddings as well.

    Did any of this make sense? I’m moving a little slow this morning 🙂

  2. cmc

    ooooo… I love this.

  3. cmc

    Also what I love it just different ways ceremonies are set up. Gay wedding’s can’t really have a lot of the heteronormative bullshit and I like the ways that people find as alternatives to that. It’s inspiring to me as someone who would like to avoid that b.s. So thanks for the queer inspirations 🙂

  4. My photographer blogged a lesbian wedding she shot a while back!


    Side note: the burgundy dahlias in the bouquet are exactly what I was supposed to have in our bouquets, before our florist inexplicably changed up all the flowers we had agreed upon. My heart exploded with pain and jealousy a little bit when I saw those pics.

  5. I love looking at pictures from LGTBQ weddings. They make my heart so happy.

    The main feature I look for, when looking for brides that look like me, is short hair. I love seeing other short-haired gals getting married.

  6. Wonderful photos. I just love looking at wedding photos. I love seeing all the happy people and the love you can see and feel from the photos. And so many beautiful venues, gowns, tablescapes and more.

  7. Lethe

    I am with you in really appreciating visibility of lesbian brides (and clearly this is part of why I like your blog!). These aren’t really images you find in the mainstream media, so looking back I guess I had seen few lesbian weddings before stumbling on weddingblogland, and seeing them made more of a difference than I ever would have expected. I guess you never stop getting that happy jolt when you realize you aren’t the only one.

    As for me I’m always looking out for butch or non-dress-wearing brides, since my partner won’t be wearing a dress, and it feels like a bit of a conundrum to negotiate how people perceive that…(no, she is not the “groom”…no, that does not mean I am planning the entire wedding myself…etc etc!)

    And this is getting long, BUT – yesterday my partner and I were in the airport and accidentally ended up sitting next to another young lesbian couple, who were wearing wedding bands and CLEARLY working on wedding thank-you notes, and it was all I could do to keep myself from squealing with joy!!

  8. Before our wedding we did the same thing. We followed other gay and lesbian couples’ wedding planning and photos and were perfectly giddy when looking at photos. Something about seeing other people out there ‘like us’ made things easier. We had never had or witnessed gay friends getting married. In fact, I think there may have been one lesbian at our wedding as we don’t have many gay or lesbian friends.

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