The Perfect Size

There have been a lot of posts about losing weight for your wedding, losing weight to fit into a dress, losing weight so you feel better.  You know, being a woman and losing weight. Or thinking about weight.  Or noticing other people’s weight.  Anyway, it all sucks and there actually is something that we can do about it; even if it doesn’t feel big, or like a huge, life-changing step, it does make a difference.  Watch this:

We can all not encourage weight loss just for weight loss.  We can try to aim for healthier, not smaller.  Roller derby has played a huge role in this idea for me: in roller derby, whatever size you are is a great size: if you’re big, you can be a big blocker, if you’re small, you can avoid other blockers and come out of nowhere; if you’re fast, you might make a great jammer, and  if you’re slower, maybe blocking is for you.  I think this is part of what appeals to me so deeply about roller derby: whoever you are, you’re the perfect size.  We need to hear more of that out in the world.



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3 responses to “The Perfect Size

  1. What a great video and message. I think it is so easy to loose your way. I’m not at my healthiest right now, but instead of focusing on healthiness, I focus on fat and weight gain. That should not be my focus. It should be feeling healthy (which I don’t), not what I look like. This is a good reminder.

  2. just watched this two seconds ago on suburbalicious living. this is very moving and very powerful.

    i think the challenge is to 1. how to interpret this for ourselves and 2. how to keep the conversation going. we can commit to a week, but then what else?

    i think a focus on feeling healthy is a much better approach, but then we need to identify what that is for us. for some it’s a number, a jean size, etc.

    your comment makes derby sound amazing.

  3. Loved this post! Thanks for sharing that wonderful video.

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