Awesome high fives

Today I logged on to show you pretty pictures and maybe say nice things about how great the first month of marriage has been.  But then I glanced at the part of the site where it tells me what search phrases brought people to my site, and I couldn’t resist telling you about it. Common searches that I notice on a regular basis are about bicycling, lesbians, or “roughing it”, often implying camping.  Usually I have a weird mish-mash of phrases, but today’s phrases made me really happy, and I felt the need to share:

  • crushing flowers in our awesome high fives: if you are the person who searched for this, you are amazing, and also please tell me why you searched for this.  Internet, thanks for thinking that I have a blog that would respond well to this query.
  • roller derby is not a hobby: well, yeah, but also it is (I hope) the only thing I am currently doing that I can describe as a hobby, since “being married” doesn’t really count, and “I write a wedding blog” sounds really lame after you’re married, and if I don’t call it a wedding blog then people want to know what I write about, and I don’t even know the answer to that right now. Search queries that end up here? Yeah, that sounds fascinating.
  • either do it big or don’t do it at all: yeah! that’s what I’m saying! Also, this sounds like something Coach Kelly would say.
  • i want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride it well: do it! Just do it and do it some more, and you will ride it well.  If you love it, do it in whatever way feels good for you – legally. By which I mean, stay off the sidewalk and stop at all the lights… but maybe if you’re nervous about the roads, stick to the bike path!  Yay you, anonymous internet searcher, for wanting it enough to search for it.

In other news, we have now been married for a month.  Happy monthiversary, Turtle!  There have been ups, there have been downs, and nothing is magically better or enormously different – but it’s different enough that it is so, so worth it.

We got a lot of awesome gifts for our wedding, but I want to show you one in particular that my mom got for us.  It’s a clock:


notice anyone familiar?

Yeah, that’s us!  We got this beautiful custom clock that even has Daphne on it!  And the outfits we are wearing are the same ones from our engagement photos.  My mom came over last night and took some pictures of us with it to send to the artist:

daphne was not excited about participating in our photo shoot

Did you happen upon this site with some weird search phrase? Are you now famous because you wrote one of the phrases above?  Are you jealous of our awesome clock?



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6 responses to “Awesome high fives

  1. well that’s just flipping cute. LOVE the clock so so much! i was all! it’s daphne! it’s daphne!

    happy first month you guys!!! ❤

  2. Those are fun phrases! Also, DAPHNE. YOU ARE CUTE.

  3. Happy monthiversary! And what a cute clock! I love it.

  4. Raffe

    I am enormously jealous of your awesome clock!

    Have you ever played Google Autofill? It’s where you go to the Google homepage and start typing in a phrase, then see what pops up. Some of the results are disturbing, but usually in a hilarious sort of way.

  5. Kristine

    I am totally jealous of your awesome clock! What a wicked idea.

    I also am jealous of your awesome search terms. I need to get me some of those.

  6. I wonder if the person searching for “i want to ride my bicycle” was looking for the song Bicycle Race by Queen but didn’t know the right words in the second line 🙂 A few favorites that brought people to me were “grabbed two beers and hit the exits”, “dress to give birth in”, “uniboob” and “goldfish poop”.

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