Angry Cat Advice for You!

I got married, and I don’t know what to write about anymore.

I’ve read that sentence several times on other blogs, and I’ve sort of rolled my eyes and thought, “Well, I loved what you wrote before, so just keep writing that. Duh.”

But what’s happening now is that I am having trouble tapping into something that I feel passionate about that you might also be interested in. So, I’m working on that. Because I want to write about things I care about, and you want to write about things that interest you.

Well, here’s something that should interest you: creatures with fur. That is, dogs, cats, and other cute critters. And occasionally un-cute critters.

Awesome Friend Kate says that I’m smart and I know things about animals, so I should share them with you. She says I’m a professional and stuff. I suppose I’ve been doing this whole vet thing for over ten years now, so I know a thing or two. Maybe even three things. So here’s my lesson of the evening:

Lesson 1 from Bird-the-veterinary-medicine-experienced-but-not-yet-veterinarian-blogger: How to Medicate an Angry Cat

angry kitten

I do quite a bit of petsitting, and I have a couple of cats who are, simply put, not happy to see me.  Case in point: this weekend I took care of a very pretty cat named Nicole.  Nicole’s owner left a broom by the door so I could use it for self-defense.  I medicated Nicole by putting her meds in her food.  Problem solved!

Okay, but that wasn’t really a helpful answer. Sorry.  Here’s a sneaky way to get meds into a cat who is angry and doesn’t want them.  Also, it helps if the cat is somewhat immobile.

  1. Pet the cat. Cat will probably hiss.
  2. Prepare syringe full of fluid, aim towards cat’s mouth.
  3. Cat will sniff syringe. Allow sniffing.  Once cat becomes suspicious,
  4. pet the cat again.  Cat will hiss.
  5. When cat opens mouth to hiss, empty syringe into mouth.



annoyed cat

What do you want to read about?  When you’re not reading wedding blogs, what information are you looking for?  I realized that I really enjoy reading about other peoples’ relationships, because relationships fascinate me… is that why wedding blogs are so great? It’s a reason to talk about those things? How did you end up here, and why will you (or won’t you) keep coming back? I know that’s kind of a lame question, but it’s no fun writing if you’re not here to read, so if you care at all, tell me what you care about.  In return, you can have cute creature pictures.



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5 responses to “Angry Cat Advice for You!

  1. Zeke

    The thing about writing anything is that it is so seldom about content. It is about voice. Which is (I think) what you are saying in your first paragraph. The idea that you must write about “what [we] want to read about” is purely a construct of your own making. This is not about teaching in the conventional sense (K and I have not been looking for wedding advice since the summer of 2000. That ship has long sailed), but about community. It is about a group understanding that we are all asking the same questions with different words. Sometimes those words are about marriage. Sometimes they are about babies. Sometimes they are about Star Wars. Sometimes they are about kittens. But it is the words that are important. The voice. Write about your shoe. Your feelings about cod liver oil. The first thing you saw this morning when you opened your eyes. Whatever you write, it will be compelling sometimes and illuminating sometimes and prosaic sometimes and boring sometimes, but worthwhile always.

    Congratulations on your nuptials. Looks like it was a grand time.

  2. Meg

    Keep writing about relationships!

  3. too adorable. we use pill pockets for our sick kitty. the syringes don’t work too well in our house. we usually tag team the kitties and try our best to comfort and medicate them.

    i know what you mean… you focus so long on the wedding and it’s so exciting and rollercoastery and then what do you write about/focus on after all that?

    i think a bunch of us are trying to figure that stuff out. but no worries, keep on writing and we’ll keep reading. 🙂

  4. Erika

    I’ve never commented before (found you through A Practical Wedding) (hello!), but wanted to throw in my support and agree with Zeke – it doesn’t really matter what you write about, but you have such a great voice so keep on!

  5. Keep writing about relationships and animals and everyday lifestuff.

    I am not terribly vocal when it comes to the way I feel even within my own relationship and I know that is something that I have to work on. Your blog actually serves as a conversation starter sometimes! I know I have said it before, but when you write about your life, it feels like you are writing my life from afar. There are so many parallels between your writing and my life that sometimes talking about whatever it is that you seem to me going through helps Lauren and I to work out what we are going through.

    That might sound creepy, but I think the take-home message is that when you write about the importance of a therapist, or a dog with some behavioral issues or incorporating family and friends into your wedding- you are saying something worth talking about.

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