Sure: Wedding Collaboration

A lot of the time, Turtle and I really collaborated on this whole wedding thing.  We take details and discuss them together and then figure out which one of us will be in charge of really carrying the whole thing out.  Other times, it’s really one of us thinking that we’ll do just that and instead the conversation goes like this:

Me: Do you want to get ready separately so we can have a first look?

Turtle: Sure.

Me: “Sure”? That’s it?

Turtle: Sure.

The decision about which wine to use for 1. champagne toasts and 2. mimosa was definitely collaborative.

I’ve already talked about the awesomeness of our flowers, but have I raved enough about the rest of our vendors? Oh, yes, we loved all of them. Like whoa.  Vendor of the day to rave about: our champagne providers – our local wine & beer shop.  Our town was a dry town until just a few years ago, and we have one wine & beer store that we love (still no hard liquor for sale here).  They have a free beer tasting every Friday and free wine tasting every Saturday, so we spend a bit of time there every week.  When we asked about getting champagne from them, they offered us 20% off, and the opportunity to return whatever we didn’t use.

So we bought some samples and headed home to test them out.

I’m pretty sure that Miss Octopus referred to us as “elfin” at one point, and that should give you an idea of how well we can handle our liquor.  So… things got pretty fun, pretty fast.

we started with three innocent-looking bottles of champagne

i poured a bit into each cup and labeled the bottoms so we could find out which was which at the end...

we got a little crazy with our palate-cleansing crackers

wedding wine should make you feel sexy. and bridal. which is obviously how i'm feeling here.

In the end, we agreed on which one we didn’t like, but her number 2 was my number 1, and my number 1 was her number 2… so we ended up buying half and half of both of what we liked! Interestingly, this was the same evening that we finally worked on our budget together… a few glasses of champagne made us both a little more willing to tackle the hard things.  All in all, a success.

How did you and your partner figure out which decisions to make together?  Did one of you tend to lead the way, and was that what you expected?  Do you like I’m out of interesting things to say about marriage so instead you get pictures of us getting tipsy on ridiculously small amounts of wine?


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4 responses to “Sure: Wedding Collaboration

  1. I think you just solved my how-do-I-get-the-Beagle-to-talk-about-the-budget issue. Looks like booze is the trick.

    • Booze is definitely the trick. Plus it’s delicious! And fun!
      We also try to break up budget talks into small conversations… as soon as it gets tense, conversation over. It makes it feel more manageable knowing we’re not stuck in the conversation. That said, we’ve been having the conversation for quite some time now, since it’s a stop-and-go thing.

  2. The first big decision we made was clothing/theme. That is, I’ve always sort of fancied a 1940s/50s vibe when envisioning my wedding day (of course, I wasn’t envisioning my wedding until the mister, so there was a limited amount of said always fancying). I didn’t tell the mister right away. Instead, I asked him what he wanted to wear to his wedding. I thought I was quite prepared (and excited!) for anything, but I never expected his answer.

    “Oh, hm. Something Edwardian. Or a zoot suit.”

    I think my heart dropped a little. In a good way. A really good way. But before I went all yay, I asked him which style he preferred. He thought a bit.

    “I’d have to say the zoot suit.”

    So, eff yes. We’re rocking the 50s vibe in a way that makes both of us deliciously happy and neither one of us coerced the other, which was my big bridezilla fret. But maybe I should add that even if he’d said zebra stripes and a football helmet, I would have rocked my 50s dress and felt that it still made sense. Because, duh, it’s us.

    Of course, I’m still pretty stoked that we’re on the same page too.

    The rest of the decisions pretty much flowed like that. What kind of flowers do you like? Meh. Well, how about paper flowers? Hm. How about flowers made from the pages of our Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks? YES. Well, good. That’s what I wanted too. 🙂

  3. omg…. wine has influenced MUCH of our decision making. especially during wedding planning. like picking songs for our DJ – we stayed up until 3 am with wine and some local brews. and like making thank you bags for our family at the rehearsal luncheon – yea, we were a little tipsy when we wrote those cards. fun stuff.

    i wish other big life decisions could be made over wine. except, the new pet convo. i think josh would need to be drunk for that one.

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