Three Weekiversary, or I love the little moments

A week before our wedding, my sister asked us which part we were most looking forward to, “besides getting married.”

“Um, the ceremony, I think,” I answered.  Because that’s what I was looking forward to the most.  I was excited about getting all trembly and teary and emotional.  I was excited to finally read my vows and to finally hear Turtle’s vows.  I was excited for all that mushy stuff.

My sister rolled her eyes.  “That’s what I meant. What else?”

And, you know? Besides that, I couldn’t think of a specific other thing that I was excited about.  I was looking forward to that part and to seeing everyone and to eating the delicious food we’d picked out (I gave up being a vegetarian for the day because that bacon was just SO. GOOD.) and dancing to the music by the awesome band we’d found and to being surrounded by so much love…

surrounded by love: best friend from college appears two nights before the wedding to make our programs! one-eyed jake assists by putting himself where the hands are.

And so it was sort of surprising to look back on the day, three weeks later (happy three week-iversary to us!) and be able to pinpoint the exact favorite part of the day, and have it be none of those things.  And at the same time have it be all of those things.

We had our wonderful, perfect ceremony, our food, our dancing, our pictures, and our wonderful community of friends and family doing all of this big thing with us and sitting around chatting afterward.  And then, around 3 pm, we sort of declared the whole thing over.  We crashed, and we crashed hard.  We were ready to go back to the inn and take a nap.  You guys, I cannot imagine what we would have done had we gotten married in the evening.  At 3 o’clock, we essentially said, we have all our clothes, someone else be in charge, we are going to bed.  And not in the “sexy, we’re married, let’s go consummate this thing” way, just in the “oh my goodness, let me lie down and sleep” way.

um, yes, we have a subaru. we like stereotypes?

My favorite moment of the whole day was waking up next to my wife and realizing… it was realizing we had gotten married, it was being able to relive it all in my head already, knowing it was wonderful, finally being able to relax and stop feeling anxious about it, and still having the rest of the day to celebrate.

It was waking up and realizing how exhausted I was for a split second before remembering that we had just gotten married, and it was awesome. And then we had to get dressed and go to the farm, where we were going to have ice cream and spend low-key time with all the people who had come to see us… and then! Then! It got even better than that! There was an Animal Adventure show, and we all got to go.

I think I spent the whole afternoon saying, "Where's my wife? Do you like those rabbits, wife? Isn't my wife cute?"

Awesome Friend Kate petting a snake. Please note the age of all the people in the background: our guests.

aaaand please note the approximate age of everyone standing to my right in this picture... everyone else who was at Animal Adventures, who was not our guest. Slight discrepancy. (I was WAY more excited to hold the snake than those kids were. I win!)

You guys.  The days leading up to our wedding were CrazyTown days, filled with offerings of good food and too much anxiety to eat much of it; filled with stress and running around and way more people in our house at one time, all talking about slightly different things that I felt like I didn’t get a say in than has ever happened before; it was filled with love and goodness and, of course, a fair level of stress.

And our wedding day made it all worth it, wedding, festivities, snakes, and all.

Three weeks in, we are not having much of a good day; in fact, I would say it would fall in the top 10% of crappy days we’ve had.  But at the end of the day (and at the beginning! and in the middle! and all the other parts!), we’re still married.  And even if we’re snippy at each other all day, and maybe one of us is being totally unreasonable and irritable for no apparently reason (um, that would be me… thanks, PMS), the other one is totally putting up with it, and that’s what being married is about sometimes, right?

being married to Turtle is amazing. (photo by E. Leonardsmith)

Happy Three Week-iversary, Turtle. I love you, and being married to you totally rocks, even if today totally sucked.

P.S. Today, the kitten’s name is Curtis, and we have upgraded from “Are we keeping him?” “I don’t know.” to “Are we keeping him?” “Oh, probably.”  Well, shit.

(you can't tell how tiny he is from the picture, but he weighs less than a pound. squeal!)



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2 responses to “Three Weekiversary, or I love the little moments

  1. GASP! you two look so happy in that last photo. i’m so glad it was filled with memories of chaos and love and animals and love. 🙂

  2. Happy anniversary 🙂 And I’m happy you’re keeping Curtis, he’s just way too cute to give away!

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