“I just died! I just died again!”

Glee just got turned off for our next adventure, which seems to be this:

4 weeks old!

Turtle likes him.

um, she likes him a lot.

apparently he may or may not be staying...

His name is Frank. But other names in the running are Darwin and Peter and Turd (Turtle & Bird, obvi).  Discuss.


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11 responses to ““I just died! I just died again!”

  1. OMIGOD. I don’t even like cats and I want to smoosh my face all over him.

    I like the name Frank, Lauren likes Turd. She would.

  2. Steve

    Holy crap. I am going with Frank. Old man names for animals are best.

  3. darwin’s my fave! but turd is pretty damn awesome.

  4. Darwin! He looks a bit to existential to be a Frank and a bit to serious to be a Turd 😀

  5. Oh my god, you weren’t kidding. Uhhh, see ya tomorrow. I’m just going to show up. I like kittens SO MUCHHHHHH.

  6. Melissa

    Adorable kitten! He must stay and he absolutely looks like a Frank 🙂 Love you!

  7. Oh hello cute, darling, little, precious kitty. I love you!

  8. Raffe


    I am a cat lover, so I’m all about getting a kitten. So. Cute. SO CUTE!

    *Ahem* I will try harder to contain my excitement on your behalf.

    I am of the opinion that inappropriately long full names for cats are the best. For instance, my brother had a friend whose kitten was named SpikeMaster Flex, Destroyer of Worlds. So, Sir Francis Turd Darwin would be entirely allowable in my book. He looks like he’ll grow into the name.

  9. Steph

    FRANK THE TANK! I vote for frank!!

  10. Allison

    Frank sounds like Hank, which seems appropriate because he is completely tiny and adorable and adopted in the spirit of “we totally aren’t adopting this cat, but we totally are” Also, that last picture is both the most adorable thing I’ve seen and a very old-man face for a kitten, which makes Franky seem doubly appropriate. Also, I’m stealing your kitten.

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