A change in plans, puppies, and antlers

Since getting married and coming home from our honeymoon, it seems like we never see each other.  We’re settling back into our work routine, and we both leave the house by 7:30 and get home at different times.  We both have plans with friends, plans at work, and Turtle’s dance class has started back up… the point is that I know I’m married, I see my wife in bed when I wake her up in the morning, and sometimes before I fall asleep.

Well, this weekend, I had Sunday off, and we had big plans!  We decided to spend the entire day on the couch, watching Big Love, with some breaks to work on our budget and put together a chore chart.  Oh, oh, guess whether this actually happened! Would I write just to say I spent an entire day on the couch?

these people have a slightly different experience with marriage than we do... and we are addicted to watching them.

No, I would not.  Daphne Matilda Bird-Turtle started acting really, really funky.  She started shifting as though she couldn’t get comfortable, and she started curling up in weird places, places in the house she knows she’s not allowed; once, she squeezed herself into the corner behind the couch, and a little while after that she tried to climb on my head, which was actually pretty funny.  She’s not really a climbing-on-momma’s-head-sized dog.

So we took her to the vet in Boston, and she was there for six hours.  While she was there, we were released to wander the city.  We went to J.P. Licks, we went to thrift stores, we went to art stores, and we went to the MSPCA.

cutest puppy would be a wonderful friend to Daphne... and would be the restart of single life for me... but she needs a home! Go adopt her! Click on picture for link to her page on petfinder.

Anyway, it turns out Daphne’s almost definitely fine.

But the Beast is not what I want to write about today, and I know that reading about other people’s dogs is even less exciting than writing about your own dog.  I mean, I love her to death, but I also know that’s not why you’re here (right? Or, um, do you want to hear more about her? She is sort of awesome/a handful/difficult/wonderful.).

What was great about Sunday was that I finally got to spend some real time with my wife.  We went out for lunch, we wandered the town, we fantasized about the art we’ll someday have in our home together.

trying on a toddler-size hat at the art store... oh my gosh, I wish it came in adult sizes!

Marriage – which I now know so much more about, two and a half weeks in (hah) – somehow makes things easier.  It’s easier to deal with the curveballs: the dog getting sick, not being able to watch TV for 10 hours straight.  It’s easier to handle not seeing each other for any meaningful amount of time for a week, because I know she will be there when I get home; I will definitely see her tonight, or for a few minutes tomorrow morning, and for sure I will see her this weekend.  It’s not that we haven’t been busy like this before, or missed each other for days at a time; and it’s not like, during those times, I ever thought that she wouldn’t be there when I got home, or like I doubted that we could withstand the busy-ness of our lives.  But now it feels more solid, more comfortable.  She’s my family.

Did you feel a change with the shift to being married?  Would you wear this hat in public ALL THE TIME if you could find it in a size that fit your head? Would you please get that puppy for me?



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2 responses to “A change in plans, puppies, and antlers

  1. YES! The feeling of family is something that I expected, but I never knew how it would feel. And now that I do, I love it. The little changes, the little shifts, we notice have made such a huge impact on us. We know the other person is always going to be there and we know we have them to lean on. It’s really a wonderful feeling – just being family.

    And I want that little pupster so badly!

  2. Kristine

    Yes, yes I do want to hear more about your dog! But I’m kind of obsessed with the little stinkers so others may disagree.

    I’ve been waffling back and forth with my fiance over actually getting married. This is one of the best arguments in favour I’ve ever read. Thanks for that.

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