Do me a favor…

…and help me find something to do with myself?

When we were in the midst of wedding planning, I would occasionally turn to Turtle and say, “I think I’m going to have post-wedding depression. What will I do with all of this energy post-wedding?”

Don’t worry, the down time will be short lived: derby tryouts start at the beginning of next month, if I decide to do them.  And there are about a million volunteer opportunities I should be taking advantage of… but none of it involves so much love, so many crafts, so many things to show to internet strangers! And, at the same time – and I thought this might happen – I am just way less interested in weddings than I was a month ago.  I even unsubscribed from some wedding blogs that I used to love.  Yay less blogs to feel bad about not reading! Boo less blogs for when I’m bored and don’t know what to do with myself.

Anyway, here’s what I have been doing: “wifely duties.” I’ve been doing a whole lot of cleaning, and I’m trying to channel the creative energy into creating delicious food.  That said, I am not interested in food blogs.  If I want to look at it, I want to eat it; and if I can’t eat it NOW, I don’t really want to look at it.  That said, I’m typing this while standing next to the carmelized butternut squash that’s baking in the toaster oven.  NOM NOM NOM.

So, okay, whine whine whine.  Speaking of favors, where’re the pictures? Where’s the good stuff?  Fine. Here are our favors, part 3. Or maybe 4. Sorry, I have no idea.

first, we started with our awesome wedding stamp. We had to stamp carefully so that the tree didn't get on the tags, and only the words were actually inked.

this project also features a pretty "thank you" stamp from PaperSource

we took the leftover strips of paper from getting our invitations cut to size, and stamped as many times as we could on each strip

This is a good time for me to mention that when I say “we” here, I really mean, “Here’s what I did, while my fiancee took pictures and said nice things like, Those are pretty.”

stack of thank yous

me, hard at work. Faithful photographer/fiancee not pictured. Notice quilt materials in the foreground.

Turtle gives the project a thumbs up, while multitasking and testing out the ribbon to tie it on... she's kind of amazing.

well, instead of tying a ribbon, we wrapped the jars in quilt square fabric; here are our pretty basil favors, all dressed up!

labels for the favors; I think I saw this somewhere on weddingbee a year or two ago, but couldn't find it anywhere when I went to post about it a few months ago... sorry to the person who inspired me for not being able to give you some credit!

our favors, all dressed up and ready to go! photo by E. Leonardsmith

So there you have it.  More details coming eventually… but I said that already, right?

I should also say about these favors that they were incredibly labor intensive, but they were also one of my favorite projects.  Each one really was just infused with the love and appreciation we had for all the people who were coming to our wedding.  We wanted to actively appreciate the people who were there, and we wanted to say thank you in a way that clearly had some thought and effort put into it; we also wanted people to be able to pick something they liked.  Not everyone likes tea (I know, I could hardly believe it either), but everyone likes at least one of the things we offered.

Um, the best part was that we made too many favors, so we got to take some home, and now we have extra lavender early grey! Oh, you guys, married life is so hard.

Did you have labor intensive projects that were totally worth it?



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3 responses to “Do me a favor…

  1. OH HELLO! I would like to note that I have also found myself COMPLETELY uninterested in weddings starting Sept. 26th. Seriously, so over it–in a good way, because I’m so happy and satisfied with how ours went, and ready to let it go–but still, over it. On the other hand, I have nothing to do with my time either. Tonight I drank pumpkin beers, but I feel like I need to figure out something a little better than that.

  2. We aren’t doing favors because, well, we aren’t having guests, but I absolutely adore these.

  3. So for future reference, you can stick a rubber stamp in the microwave for 10-20 seconds and it will loosen the glue enough that you can pull the stamp part off and trim it and put just the part you need back on. You just have to be super careful because the wood gets hot.

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