Wifely Welcome Back

eep! we got married!

After Turtle and I got engaged, things shifted.  This was something that I had not expected – it didn’t occur to me that we would really *feel* different, just that we would start planning a wedding, that it would be exciting, that we would be and know that we were more committed.  But it did change: one day I looked around at our cozy little apartment, and everything suddenly felt more like home.  It felt more ours, more solid, more like a wonderful sanctuary of our home.

Well, then we done went and got married (hi! I’m back!).  And our wedding was amazing, perfect, and our honeymoon was wonderful and also perfect, and besides saying things like, “What would you like for dinner, Wife?” and “Wife? Where are you?” and “Good morning, wife of mine,” things didn’t feel much different, which I have to say sort of surprised me.

And then today, we got up, I made my wife lunch, I drove my wife to work, and I came home and it hit me.  You guys, we’re married. And home feels more like home.  Everything somehow feels more secure, more treasured.  How strange and wonderful is that?

Okay, blah blah blah, being married is awesome, you want to hear about the wedding?  Well, we don’t get our pictures for somewhere between 2 and 7 weeks, so you’re going to have to wait for the awesomeness that our awesome photographers captured.  I got to see one picture and it was amazing, so I’m trying to be patient and remind myself of how awesome it will be to relive our wedding day in a few weeks.

but in the meantime, here's a pretty picture for you (photo by s. merand)

What else can I tell you? It all came together wonderfully in the two days leading up to the wedding.  A friend of ours created our ketubah within 24 hours, and another friend drove an hour to get it printed on beautiful paper, and a third friend made all the little lines for people to sign, and it is beautiful.  We designed our programs perfectly and then found out that the soonest they could arrive would be Monday after the wedding… but my college roommate skipped class to come up and help us make new programs, which we loved even more.  Turtle’s best friend made our card box and our quilt box and a wonderful sign to show people where to go.  Turtle’s college roommate showed up and said, “I’m coordinating your wedding,” and she did, and it was amazing.  Our caterer was as fantastic as we had hoped, our flowers were beautiful, and on a whim I bought Turtle a wreath of hair flowers that she had drunkenly mentioned wanting to wear at her wedding someday two years ago.  I was an awesome fiancee, and I hope to be an awesome wife.  So far, so good.

one way to be an awesome wife: Hold the snake at the post-wedding festivities, but do not bring the snake home. Success! Bird=awesome wife. (Also, this should be a preview for our amazing post-wedding activities!)

Anyway, more wedding-day fun to come sooner or later, but in the meantime, I will regale you with tales of invitations, wedding rings, bachelorette parties (ugh, still feel nauseated – and happy! – thinking about it), and pre-wedding take-out feasts.

So, um, how was your last week, guys?  Hope it was awesome.



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10 responses to “Wifely Welcome Back

  1. Kristin

    Yay and congratulations! You both looked beautiful!! I seriously love Turtle’s hair wreath. Welcome back!

  2. Congrats!! I love that photo of the two of you – looking so lovingly at each other (good job on the flower wreath too…what a good wife you are 😉

  3. dulcea

    it’s your wife here! ha! never could say that before. love you, bird.

  4. cmc

    I’m smiling so big right now. And also, tears in my eyes. Darn you and your happy-tear-inducing weddingness!!

  5. I had the same experience getting engaged…suddenly everything felt more like home. I’m excited to see if getting married solidifies it even more like it did for you.

    The two of you look so beautiful and I can’t wait to see more photos. I’m very happy your friends came together to make the day perfect..

    Also, can I request a post on the bouquets? They look divine.

  6. Congratulations! You both look gorgeous! And so happy! I also felt after we got engaged that our relationship and home just felt so much more solid–so I’m looking forward to seeing if the wedding brings more of that for me too!

  7. ummm… you had a snake at your post wedding festivities?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i want to hear all of it – wedding recaps (if you’re up to it), snake recaps, beautiful reflecting lake ceremony recaps, pretty hair flower recaps and even the mundane married junk. 🙂

  8. Totally super a lot yay! Your wedding WAS perfect. I can’t wait to see you guys again soon so we can talk about it 🙂

  9. Yay you’re a wife! I am excited to read all about your wedding! You both looked superb!

  10. You both look beautiful in your gowns! Made me tear up a little bit!

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