Out of the woodwork (and into bars, dining rooms, and post offices)

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine who got married last summer said, “Just wait until the week before your wedding.  It is so full of love… that was the most amazing week ever.”  Well, two weeks before my wedding, I was all “WHAT WERE YOU TALKING ABOUT THIS IS NOT FULL OF LOVE.”  Two weeks before our wedding, things were effing nuts, stressful, we were bickering all the time, and I was crying in therapy.

Then Saturday happened, and marked the change from that week into this week – if you use the right kind of calendar – and DUDE. She was right.  The love, it is coming from everywhere. The love is coming from people I’ve never met, it’s coming from our bridal brigade, it’s coming from my family and Turtle’s family, and from people I’ve almost lost touch with. It’s amazing.

So here, my friends, is how it’s happening.

First, I had a bachelorette party. Amazing in and of itself, and I won’t ruin the recap for you with more teaser pictures now, but suffice it to say that walking into a room full of strangers and friends and a man named John ready to serenade me was a-maze-ing. And you would think that being violently ill for the next day might taint the experience, but no no no… it just showed me more love.  While I was like this:

My sister showed up to help Turtle make beautiful escort cards, like this:

AND, because they know me so well, they whipped out the camera to document the process so that I could blog about it later.

Moh and Turtle hard at work.

Then! You guys! I got home last night and found some boxes at my front door.  Not unusual when you’re getting married in, um, two days, but these boxes said “Perishable” on them, which seemed a little strange…

I got way too excited about what this could possibly be to document the entire box-opening experience, but look at what I found inside!

Could it really be... a pie?

AH! It really is a pie!

...with the sweetest note.

You guys, some bees sent us pies! THANK YOU, Mrs. Quiche and Ms. Snapdragon – you two are amazing. I am blown away by the sweetness. It took a lot of self-control to not eat this last night… who knows if it will make it until the wedding, or mysteriously disappear in the nighttime (What pies?? Crumbs around my mouth? Don’t know what you’re talking about.), but still: amazing.

Here are my deep wedding advice thoughts two days before our wedding:

1. What matters and doesn’t matter will be clear, and the combination of crazed and zen is really an interesting combination to experience.

2. Love WILL come out of the woodwork, and you will (probably) be ready to accept it. Bask in it, because a week isn’t very long.

3. If your wedding is still months away, and you think maybe it’s too early to start some project like decorations or cake toppers or your outfit for the afterparty… it is NOT too early. It’s not.  Because a month before your wedding and a week before your wedding you’ll realize there are all these other details that are WAY MORE important than how pretty your table numbers are.  So go for it now, and ignore people who seem to think it’s too early. Do what feels good for you.

4. Did I already mention bask in it?

The support that internet people have shown me and us in the last 9 months has been absolutely amazing, and far more than I ever expected.  Thank you for your comments and your messages and your good thoughts.  Writing has been such a good thing for me and for my sanity, and knowing you all are here reading is what keeps me coming back – so thank you for just reading, too.

And happy my-almost-wedding day!  Maybe I’ll be back here tomorrow.. but otherwise, see you on the other side!

celebrate! (um, NOT my wedding dress, don't you worry... also, doesn't it look good with my chacos???)



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9 responses to “Out of the woodwork (and into bars, dining rooms, and post offices)

  1. Lisa

    SOO happy for you guys! Congratulations!!!

  2. it all most definitely works out – the tears, stress, drinks, arguing, it all turns into love and it freaking rocks.


  3. efd

    i love this. i love love. enjoy it all! xo

  4. Yay! Love and support win! You are so so so close. Sending happy vibes.

  5. PIES?? love it! what a great week full of love!

    And they may not “go” but my chacos are just about the most comfy shoes I own!

  6. Congratulations! Enjoy every second of it!

    I have been following your blog since May, I think- and your wedding has kind of snuck up on me. This in turn, makes me realize that I have been engaged nearly 6 months and that my own wedding is doing some sneaking of its own!

  7. Heather P

    Yay for love overcoming all nuttiness! Can’t wait to toast you and your love in person!! Cheers…and pie baking to commence soon! xoxoxo

  8. Jill

    Congratulations! I was in your hall at CTY a million years ago, and recognized you from your post on APW. I remember sitting in the hallway listening to you play guitar. So glad to see you’re happy!

  9. Yes Yes and Yes. And dude- I’m gonna write a whole post about how it’s not too early to just do those damn DIY projects….Because it always felt too early to me and then, bam, the wedding was here and we were saying “eff rehearsing, let’s eat pizza!” b/c hanging out with loved ones is what it’s all about, not fancying up the tables.
    So yes. All good advice. 🙂

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