Courtesy post

Things to not do in the week before your wedding:

Forget to take your anxiety pills for two days straight. Slash be unable to keep anything down. EVEN IF YOU CAN’T KEEP ANYTHING DOWN, TAKE YOUR PILLS. What are you thinking, dude. Seriously.

me, Sunday afternoon, trying to maybe keep some yogurt down. Have you ever seen such a sad face?

A long bicycle ride, tea with a friend, and a lovely therapy session had better fix this. I AM LOOKING AT YOU, tea with friend, bicycle ride, and therapist. Not “no pressure” – this is totally pressure. FIX IT.

Thanks, world.

Bird, who will be FREAKING CALM in four days. I swear.

(And because I’m being a lazy writer and referencing things without any photographic evidence, I give you a bachelorette party preview:

the front says Gay Bachelorette Party

Support Gay Marriage: a dollar a dance



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6 responses to “Courtesy post

  1. Raffe

    Hang in there! It’ll all come together in the end. It always does. Think of bike races- how many of those are all set to go ahead of time? NONE!

  2. sweet party shirt!!!!!!!!

    and may i suggest Gogurt? you can freeze it and everything. 🙂

  3. Love the shirt–hilarious!

  4. Great shirt! It’ll all be better very, very soon. Hang in there.

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