A few of my favor(ite) things, take 2

With less than 2 weeks to go until our wedding, we’re a little bit crazed.  Funny story, I also started Organic Chem classes on Thursday, which now take up four days a week in reviews, class, and lab.  Yay, let’s get busy!

So we’re scrapping a lot of details.  Pie-topper, what? Really, who cares – right now the ceremony is far more important, and absolutely one of the things we should figure out, like, yesterday.  In the midst of all this craziness, I will bring you some of what has already happened; recaps of this whole planning process, full of pictures and light on the deep thoughts from yours truly. Enjoy!

So I talked recently about one of our three favor options, and here is our second: tea.  I’ve talked a little bit about tea as a favor before, but we hadn’t figured out quite what to do with it.  We’d considered some sort of blend, but weren’t sure what kind… and then we went camping in New York and came across The Tea Shop of Woodstock. Swoon.

click for source

They had THE most amazing tea selection, along with everything else you might want, including amazing tea timers.  You never knew you needed one, but you desperately do, trust me. In fact, I need one. You can buy me one if you’d like.

genius. (click for source)

Anyway, they also had samples, and we settled pretty quickly on Lavender Earl Grey. Who knew such a thing existed and was so delicious?!  On top of that, much of our initial bonding/dating involved selling lavender products for work, and lavender will forever remind me of being mildly nauseated by the excessive smell that surrounded us in our first few days of being together. In milder versions, it is just wonderful.

So we bought a whole lot of lavender Earl Grey, and here’s what we did with it:

supplies: loose tea, tea bags, jars, measuring spoon

lavender tea = so pretty!

tea and unbleached tea "satchels"

Turtle, measuring tea into satchels; in front of her are filled satchels

five satchels bunched together

stuff them into little mason jars...


and wait till you see how pretty these little guys turn out in the end...

Next up: the third favor, and how we prettified everything!

Did you put a lot of manual labor into your favors? I think we were drunk on the smell of lavender for the rest of the day.  Which favor would you pick?



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2 responses to “A few of my favor(ite) things, take 2

  1. Lavender earl grey tea sounds delicious!

    By the way, what day exactly is your wedding?

  2. Okay. Yes and no. So there is a small local chocolate company in our area that we purchased chocolates from for our favors. We each picked our favorite (mine was dark chocolate truffle, and Ashley was milk chocolate coconut) and each person got one of each. Now here is where the labor came in. We bought wooden boxes that I hand painted and decorated to match our water/sea theme for the reception. Some had fish, some had seahorses, etc.

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