A few of my favor(ite) things

I know I’ve hinted about our favors before, though I honestly can’t remember when or find you the link where I cleverly hinted without giving anything away.  Sorry.  Now that we are two weeks away (ahh!), I opt to tell you about the favors rather than finish making them.  If you’re coming to our wedding and want a pleasant surprise, stop reading now! If you can tear your eyes away from my amazing writing, which you can’t, of course, so continue on…

I decided early on that I did, in fact, want favors.  It was a long debate since I have never been super excited about favors at weddings I’ve been to (with an exception or two), and I didn’t want to put a lot of effort into something that other people wouldn’t really care about.  And is there really one thing that will satisfy everyone?  Probably not, which led us to the solution: have favor options!

Several of you guessed from my elusive favor suggestions earlier that we would be providing herbs, and that’s 1/3rd right!  It turns out that you can pinch off a portion of a basil plant, leave it in water, and it will root! And so started The Great Basil Reproduction Project.  Because, dude, who doesn’t love basil!?

first, take a pretty little cut of basil - pinch off right about a pair of leaves

put in cute little vases and leave them all over your house. ignore fiancee wondering why they're always in the way. make sure they have water all the time!

periodically check root progress. yay roots!

plant in big pot to continue your stash... harvest some of these and eat others! and then stress out that maybe you don't have enough basil.

trial run, in a big jar, which is not the jar actual guests will get. put stones in the bottom for optimal water drainage.


The plus side of having three different options is that we don’t have to make a million of any one of them; we can just make 10-15 of each and we’ll be good to go.

Coming soon: other favor options and how we made them look nice.

How did you decide what favors to have? What was the best favor you ever got at a wedding? What would be your ideal favor to get at a wedding?  Aren’t favors sort of silly, but also sort of wonderful?


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4 responses to “A few of my favor(ite) things

  1. Marta Manildi

    Very charming, Miranda, and I may try this at home. Just one comment:
    10-15 x 3 ≠ 1,000,000. I thought you should know.
    Love and cheers, M.

  2. Raffe

    At the wedding of one of my friends last fall, the favors consisted of gaily decorated jars of homemade raspberry jam. I loved this for several reasons:
    1. I love raspberry jam.
    2. Consumables make the best gifts- look, ma, no clutter!
    3. I have made several jams and jellies and appreciate how much work goes into them.
    4. Homemade jam is amazing.
    5. My date couldn’t fly hers back to MN, so I got TWO jars of jam! Joy!

  3. Oh my, how lovely and hippie and perfect. Unfortunately, we are green-thumb-challenged and could never manage this. I love it!

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