Staying Practical

Two fridays ago, as you have already heard at this point, I got in a crappy car accident and some other crappy things happened. In a fit of “I need to tell someone about this who will GET it, I blurted out an email to A Practical Wedding, and then honestly didn’t think much about it again. And then Meg wrote back and said, “Can I use this?”

Sooo… Yes. Go read:

Note: a lot of the stuff that was going on then has since been resolved, and this was an emotional blurting of what was going on at the time. Just some context for you.



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7 responses to “Staying Practical

  1. Raffe

    Stay with it! Life sounds a bit crazy, but we all have Those Days. Try to keep it in perspective, and know that there’s lots of love flowing towards you from all around. Although probably not from the person who collided with your car. They might not love you as much as they should. Don’t worry; h/sh/ze will doubtless come around.

    • ALSO: tonight we were walking around town and someone called my name and i turned around and it was the person I was in the accident with! and she was all, “How ARE you? Are you ok? How was your weekend?” SO nice! So you’re right, people do love me. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Raffe


  3. I saw your picture and I squealed a little when the post first loaded. hehe

    I’m sorry things were so rough, and I really hope they turn around. Issues with friends and weddings can be really tricky and I hope yours resolve in a positive way.

    But during the bad, it’s always great to be reminded you have a great partner standing by your side.

  4. awesome post Miranda. 🙂 I needed to read that today. So thank you!

    Also, I am so glad for you that some of the things have been resolved.

    does that mean you’re only two weeks away?? YAY!

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