Oh so wrong but oh so right

Oh, hi there!

You might have noticed I disappeared for a few days.  This can be chalked up to the facts that 1. we went away for the weekend (and had a wonderful, wonderful time, thanks to my amazing extended family) and 2. things kind of suck, and rather than writing, I am trying not to lose my sh*t.

Sad, but notable, note: I’m sure this is not the first time I’ve written that.

So, my friends, do not expect a wedding update right now, but rather some classy complaining. Maybe just plain old normal complaining. Here’s what’s been happening:

  • Plans we had made around our wedding are, for various reasons we are still trying to parse out, not working out. These are conversations we’re trying to have right now, so I’m not going to say much about them here. Let it suffice to say that last week’s guest post skims the surface.

    me: tell me what to do about everything that's happening! turtle: *this picture*

  • I posted that post on Friday, got ready for work, ran out the door, and drove about 75 feet down the road when my car smashed into another car.  We live on a nice, quiet street that is intersected by two other nice, quiet streets, and – funny story! – there are no stop signs on any of the corners.  Yes, my friends, that is 8 separate corners that do not have stop signs. Woo hoo.  As soon as I finish writing this, I’m off to get my car looked at by the fancy insurance people.  Let’s just say this was inconvenient.  My awesome dad lent us his car for the weekend so we could go to New York and visit my family…

    pieces of my car, police car looking on

  • … where my awesome dog bit someone. I’ve written a bit before about Daphne, and how she has some behavior issues that we’ve been working on with her, and how she was never socialized quite right.  Yes, once she bit another dog, and yes, it broke the skin, but it really was provoked. I would have bitten the other dog, too, if I could have gotten away with it.  But this time… well, this time the kid deigned to walk by my dog.  I’m sure it’s all more complicated than that – in fact, I know it is – but that’s what it looked like.  Luckily, she only tore his clothes, did not break the skin, and I apparently handled it well.  So, here’s what you do if your dog bites a kid: yank the dog off the kid, hand her off to someone who can handle her, make sure the kid is ok, go talk to the kid’s mother, and then burst into tears because you thought you were fixing your dog and then she went and f*cked it all up.  Everyone was very forgiving. I might start slipping St. John’s Wort into Daph’s treats… just take the edge off, you know?

    this face would never bite anyone! um... right? right!? wrong.

  • I went to breakfast with some of the Bees on Monday morning, and talked about all the stupid stuff that’s going on, and they all told me they hoped my week would get better, and I said, “Thanks, but it really can only get better from here!” And then I went out to my car, where I had just gotten a parking ticket. Big sigh. Got in the car, made a U-turn to go back home, and promptly got pulled over.

    well, fancy seeing you again!

I am, surprisingly enough, doing pretty well dealing with all this, if I may say so myself.  I haven’t fallen apart into a teary mess more than twice, and that’s pretty good for me.  Our wedding planning is still going on, and I am only more excited to marry the wonderful woman who has been by my side through all this other crap.  A surprising number of people have appeared in my life to tell me how wonderful I am and how well I’m handling things.  So, thanks, World, for reminding me that things are going right, too.

What good things are happening soon for you?  Anyone else with a craptastic series of events?  In the grand scheme of things, these aren’t the worst… and, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, happy updates coming soon to a Roughit blog near you.



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8 responses to “Oh so wrong but oh so right

  1. Melissa

    Oh Sweetie….

  2. just wanted to say I’m sending good thoughts your way…sometimes those weeks just happen…

  3. oh yuck. i agree with suzanne, those weeks just happen.

    can’t make lemons without lemonade? ummm…

    can’t make rainbows without a little rain? uhhh…

    eff it. tomorrow’s a new day and i’m sending some good ass vibes your way.

    3 weeks, lady. you got this.

  4. Yuck, what a rough couple of days!

    But, really, what can you do about accidents and being at the wrong place at the wrong time? Complain a bit then keep on keepin’ on, just like you’re doing. A week like that makes for a humorous ‘you will not believe the shit that happened to me in the weeks before the wedding!’ story in the future, right?

  5. JEEZ! I thought my life was bad because I hate wedding planning and probably have to get my brakes done. You definitely beat me here, I hope things get better!

  6. All I can say is, your complaining is totally legit!

    Sending good thoughts your way…

  7. I’m so sorry that your having such a bad stretch. It always seems like bad things cluster and happen at once.

    I woke up this morning to a very annoying “lady issue” and then this evening, as I opened the door to my car, my grocery bag toppled out. Immediately the new bottle of olive oil shattered.

    I am glad to hear people are appearing in your life to tell you you are wonderful, because you are!

  8. AWw thanks everyone. At this point I’ve developed the (healthy?) habit of laughing at the ridiculous little things that are going on. I hope you’re all having a good week too!

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