The Other Clothesline Project

We are back from vacation!  I love having vacations one right after another… even if they are only 2 days long.  For this one we visited one of my most favorite people in Woodstock, NY.  We spent two nights camping there and days exploring my former wonderful hometown – Po-town, NY.  We visited town sites and our alma mater and even stalked a campus tour so that we could break into my old dorm.  Fun!

That, however, is not the kind of fun I have broken my internet-silence to tell you about.  This kind of fun, my friends, is truly thrilling.

It’s line-drying.

beautiful racks surrounded by greenery

Okay, maybe my life is not that exciting, but I am seriously loving line-drying.  We don’t actually do it on a clothesline, as you can see; instead we have a couple different racks that we set up on the deck in the sun, and then we collect our clothes and they smell wonderful.  You know those fabric softeners that are scented with delicious things like Lavender and Fresh Breeze?  Guys, this is for serious fresh breeze scent! All natural!

I recently found on someone else’s blog this preview for a movie about clotheslines.  It’s a bit of a long preview, but fascinating.

One big thing I learned (but honestly haven’t checked up on) is that using a dryer is the single biggest energy-suck in your house.  Since we have no money, I would love to eliminate what is costing us the most – and since we have the backyard space and our clothes smell delightful, it’s even fun.  I hate doing laundry, but suddenly I’m finding something almost meditative about lining each article of clothing on the rack and then folding it as it dries.

I admit that this isn’t the most inspiring thing I’ve ever written, but coming back from a nice, slow camping trip with good people made me slow down, and I love that.  And drying my clothes on a rack makes me slow down too.  With all this wedding stuff, not to mention the fact that I need to have a to-do list running all the time and I am always reviewing it in my head… something to slow me down is a good, good thing.

What do you do to slow down?  Did you actually watch that long preview, and if you did what do you think?  What are your clothesline-y thoughts?

*If you’re wondering what the original clothesline project is, you can find info here: The Clothesline Project.



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5 responses to “The Other Clothesline Project

  1. bdub

    So I’ve been reading your blog intermittently and haven’t felt the need to post until now. As I’m typing this my clothes are drying on a rack behind me. I refuse to dry them in a drier and have been a dedicated drying rack-user since freshmen year. I’m totally jealous, though, that you get the fresh air smell, since mine are sitting in front of my air conditioner vent in my apt. Please ignore the fact that I’m doing laundry on Fri night; my life is normally more interesting, though not as fast-paced and jam-packed as yours. Good luck with the wedding and vet school apps!


  2. Rumble

    Dude, have we shown you The Eagle??

    It’s our AMAZING drying rack that had way more line space and is sturdier than any other rack I’ve owned. We had so many of the criss-cross style wooden racks fall apart on us that I did some research on what was the best one. We love it and you can put a lot of stuff on it. It folds up to really narrow so it can live behind Harriet’s crate. It’s especially great in winter when we can’t use the outside line.

  3. My parents clothesline dry almost all their clothes. They are dedicated, with a clothing line hanging in the basement. I’m sure it comes from my mom’s parents’ Great Depression living habits.

  4. darn! i can’t watch the video!

    to slow down, I close the laptop and walk away…


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