Yes, some people wait until they have everything all together to tell you about it.  “Look, my invitations are done! Here are the pictures I took while logging the entire experience over the past four months carefully organized and showing you the whole process! I am so organized and nice and my invitations are pretty!”

I have concluded that am not one of those people.  I am way to excited about each little step to hold off, especially since by the time things are done I am damn sick of them.  I sent the bulk of our invitations yesterday, and as I was standing in line I was remembering other people’s posts saying things like, “I was sad to see them go! Goodbye invitations, I’ll miss you!”

Guys, I was like, “Invitations, you sure are pretty, but GO AWAY!”

Anyway, the whole point of this was just to say that I don’t have much to say right now, no huge posts with our completed guest list or beautiful favors, but I do have a couple of milestones:

  1. I have over 10,000 views on my blog.  You guys are amazing.  When I was gone, at least 20 of you regularly looked at my page anyway, even though I hadn’t written a single thing.  At least 20 people out there like me!  And then in real life, people keep sending me messages or seeing me in person and telling me that they really like my blog.  You guys, sometimes it’s really hard to write, or no one comments and I think no one cares, or I think I’m a huge dork for being a “blogger.” And maybe I am.  But thank you thank you thank you for all your support.  I really like writing and you give me a reason to keep doing it.  Thank you.
  2. I got my muslin suit in the mail! OMG.  I was going to write more about it later but I’m too excited.  FYI, this is not the color it will actually be, nor will you be able to see my underwear through it, so don’t get too excited.  Just tell me how potentially awesome it is, please.

vest omg!

thumbs up for pants!

the whole deal! in muslin.

It doesn’t fit quite right, but we’re working on it! Hooray!

and you guys? Thanks again for supporting all o' this.

If you haven’t said hi before, say hi! Tell me who you are! Tell me what you like.  And then tell me what you’re excited about this weekend!

Oh, and… I’m going away again.  On Wednesday, when this is posting.  Back on Friday! For serious, thanks for being so awesome.  You guys rock.



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11 responses to “Milestones

  1. hi!


    I know what you mean – it feels so nice to get such support from this little community we’ve all found! I don’t have nearly enough stuff (or time) to blog every day but it’s so nice to see comments, or even just that people visited. It kinda blows my mind.

    and you look smokin’ hot in the suit – love it! woohoo

  2. hi! i’m angie and i like turtle and bird. i also like my cats. and i like the fact that we email! SWEET!

    i also like those pants. it’s always hard to find a good fit and those look proper. the vest is also rocking. looks like it needs to be taken in a bit on the sides. you will be fly, fly, FLY!

    and yes, i’m a little TOO excited. i love me a good wedding suit.

  3. Naomi


    I haven’t seen you in ages, but I keep getting your updates from FB and realized I should say “hi”. Congrats, btw! You two are beautiful together.

    Be well, happy, and healthy!
    –Naomi (from CTY)

  4. Newbie

    I am a lurker who “met” you on weddingbee (you’re my favorite bee!) and I figured now was a good time to stop lurking and say hi and thanks for writing! I like books, pets (although I don’t have any), my new husband (most of the time), tart frozen yogurt, and reading your blog (I also apparently like adding things in parentheses). This weekend, I am excited to go out for BBQ chicken pizza with my new neighbors.

    P.S. LOVE the suit

    • Aww, thanks for following me over here! How did you find me, just out of curiosity? Oooh tart frozen yogurt sounds good. My sister swears by cold greek yogurt with chocolate chips in it…

      • Newbie

        I was the one who messaged you on weddingbee about my sister in vet school (who is apparently too shy to email you by the way, even though I promised you seemed super nice- she’ll work up to it eventually). So I came over here to check out your blog and reading your posts feels like talking to a friend. A lot of what you write makes me think and causes me to talk about the same issues with my friends or my husband, which is one of my favorite things about your blog.

  5. I feel the same way about my blog too. I get really excited when I see how many people are visiting and when there are lots of comments. Likewise, I’m a little sad when I have low visitor numbers and no comments. I think such is the life of a blogger.

    Congrats on getting the invites done and out! And that suit looks like it will be rad. Making something out of muslin is so important when making something that is custom fitted. I need to start making my dress out of muslin.

  6. You are so cute. I love the suit! Yay!

  7. Hello again! Who is making your suit again? It is someone through Etsy, correct? Lauren is planning on wearing a suit for our wedding and the female suiting options are slim!

    And I am excited about going to the dog park tomorrow!

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