A taste of the crazy, or Woo hoo! Wedding planning!

Whoa, guys, we’re in full-on wedding mode.

Things to talk about, for your previewing pleasure and my own accountability:

  • Favors! Delicious, yummy, aromatic (in a good way), growing favors. Can you guess what they are by that description? Probably not. Though I may have already told you.  Is it wrong to give it away on my blog? Are these things supposed to be surprises? Since when do I do “supposed” to? Interesting things to ponder.
  • Invitations. Dude, the amount of work that goes into one piece of paper (oh, wait, wedding invitations are actually like 20 pieces of paper) is ridiculous. That said, I am in love with our invitations.  Also in love with the fact that regular stamps will work for them, no fancy stamps for us!  Also I am very pleased that friendly helpful people work at the post office and are happy to talk to me about 1. my blog, 2. my wedding, 3. cute places in Arlington, and 4. cats and dogs. What more could you want in a post office (hi Tess!).

Um, I guess that’s it.  But we’re doing stuff, like, all the time. Writing vows and maybe at some point thinking about ceremonies.  I feel like for the past few months I’ve been wanting to plan our wedding but trying to do so without being that crazy girl who’s planning her wedding way ahead of time.  Now it feels like the right time frame to be doing the things we’re doing, and I’m kind of enjoying it.

Also, taking a weekend off of planning is helpful and makes me much happier to plan afterwards.  Things we still need to work on:

  • Rehearsal dinner. We think we need one, we want one, we have no idea where to have it or how to pay for it. Fun!
  • Honeymoon. What? You mean study for organic chemistry right after your wedding, but in a pretty place? Okay.  But seriously, we should probably plan our honeymoon.

And for your entertainment, here are some before and after pictures of our apartment, because it is fun; I like the insides of houses and maybe you do, too?

the study/2nd bedroom, BEFORE

study/2nd bedroom AFTER

If you come visit, you can stay in here! We’ll replace the big ol’ chair with a futon. When we get rich. Soon, yes? Of course.

main bedroom BEFORE

Turtle is thinking, “Hmm… I’m not sure about this color.”  Don’t worry, Turtle, we’ll fix it!

main bedroom AFTER

empty dining room

FULL dining room!

Hmm I feel like comparing the full to the empty makes it look cluttered. But it’s cozy, not cluttered, I swear.

empty future living room

cozy living room

You so want to come visit, right?

Lastly, I am hella stressed out/anxious/pretty much freaking out all the time with a million different things that are happening in our lives.  Oddly, I am in a rather good mood… it just feels like I can’t breath. No biggie.  But seriously, I am sort of crazy right now so if things seem disorganized and chaotic, it’s because they are.  Enjoy!



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8 responses to “A taste of the crazy, or Woo hoo! Wedding planning!

  1. efd

    i love the before/after pics. i love looking at insides and outsides of homes. especially such loving, adorables ones as your own. yay.

  2. cmc

    Dang it, that apartment is beautiful! Boston-area apartments have so much charm! I mean, I’m moving into a pretty charming-for-Boulder apartment and it’s about 1/10th as charming as that. Count me jealous and also count me can’t-wait to-see-it. (Want me for HOCR weekend in Oct? part of it at least? maybe Wed-Fri?)

    also – more about me… we bought welcome mats! not planning a wedding, but a still exciting thing, tho small but not symbolically small 😀

  3. Your before and after pictures look lovely. I love settling in and getting things just right.

    Are your favors some sort of herb? That’s what your little riddle made me think of.

  4. Ellen G

    So many details to plan but it sounds like things are coming along! Yay!

    So…on the rehearsal dinner: we had pizza, salad, wine and lemonade at our ceremony location. So first we (too quickly) rehearsed and then we hung out and our friends tied ribbons onto our little things of bubbles. Easy. If you don’t have access to your ceremony site, you can do something similarly low-key somewhere else. Friends of ours had everyone back to their house for a BBQ. It was a nice way for people you’re closest to to connect before the wedding and for you to get to spend a little more time with them, especially if they’re in from out of town.

    Honeymoon: I don’t remember if I told you this, but we went to the Highlands Inn (a lesbian B&B in NH) for 3 nights for ours. We had both just started new jobs and didn’t really have time for a full vaca. We’d received a gift certificate to go there a little while back, so that helped to pay for it. Here’s their website: http://www.highlandsinn-nh.com/. It’s a super cute place and it was really fun to be in such a space for our honeymoon.

  5. The apartment looks great! And yes, I do want to visit 🙂

  6. Ellen G

    Hmm…thought I commented earlier, but it didn’t seem to post. I’ll try to remember what I wrote.

    On rehearsal dinners: for ours, we had pizza, salad, lemonade and wine at our ceremony site. We hung out with our closest friends, family and select out of town guests. Our friends tied ribbons on the bubbles we handed out at our ceremony. Other friends had a BBQ at their house. I say it can be fairly low key and as cheap as you’d like. It was nice to have a way to see our guests in a more relaxed atmosphere.

    For our honeymoon, we went to the Highlands Inn (http://www.highlandsinn-nh.com) in NH. It’s a lesbian B&B about 2.5 hrs(?) North of Boston. We went for just 3 nights because we’d both just started new jobs and didn’t have a ton of vacation time or money. We also had a gift certificate that we’d received the previous XMas, so that helped. We really enjoyed the inn and had a great time there.

  7. The place looks great! I love seeing the before and after pics. Thanks for sharing!

  8. cozy, for sure. and the wood trim you guys have going on is freaking amazing! makes me want to strip 100 years of paint off of our window sills and doorways.

    so… rehearsal dinner- what about a potluck? you and turtle supply le booze and guests supply something awesome? we’re doing a lunch at an Italian restaurant because it’s cheaper. we also decided to do it family style so everyone can mingle. our parents are meeting for the first time- yikes!

    and the honeymoon- if i were you two i’d lock myself up in that sweet little after-party farmhouse you scored and be in la-la-land. but you also have that fabulous cabin on the lake. haha, um… i sound like a stalker. but you posted about it! and i read it! and remembered! we’re going to my dad’s house near (not on) a delware beach. it’s private and F-R-E-E.

    p.s. did my ceremony writing post help at all? haha… probably not. hope you and turtle are making some headway on it!

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