I woke up and wedding stuff was everywhere!

Oh, hello there! Long time, no see!

We did this cah-razy thing and went on vacation.  Some people might consider it “a  weekend” but I say if you leave early Friday and don’t come back till mid-day Monday, you leave the computer at home and sleep a lot, it probably counts as vacation.  Plus I want to pretend I’m all luxurious and can do things like take vacation.  So we went up to camp, spent some time with neighbors, spent some time with my mom and brother, slept, and read books. And napped. Did I mention we slept? I was apparently suffering greatly from being awake for too long, but don’t worry! Problem solved!

assuming the position

Daphne understands the importance of a good, solid nap

I guess while I was busy sleeping, wedding things began to happenOne, if you read this on my actual blog – isn’t the new header pretty? – take a peek over at that lovely little countdown clock on the right.  I thought it was really cute and that I was being funny back when it said 100+ days and it said, “Uh, plenty of time.”  Haha, oh Bird, you so funny.

getting married in days


Anyway, we are now in the window of time that constitutes as close to a month and half away as two months away, and we should probably do things like mail our invitations. All one of them. Hahaha more funny jokes!

Two, we are in the under-sixty-day window of time, which means we could apply for our marriage license any time now!  I have no idea if this is actually exciting or just theoretically exciting.  Either way, our town hall is pretty and fun to visit, so that in itself is exciting.

Three, Turtle got her wedding ring! And oh, it is pretty.  Mine is still being made… story coming someday, if you’re lucky.

Four, we have an invitation!  A friend is designing them for us, and once they’ve been sent out and people can see them, I will tell you about their glory, their struggles, and our debate over what texture the belly band should be.

Oh Bird, there you go again. Hilarious.

AND THEN! Guys, I’m up to number five here.  Look at all this wedding stuff I haven’t been blogging about! Lots! Five – we had our dress fitting yesterday.  And it was pretty great.  A whole post in itself.

So that’s what has been happening.  I have loved my computer vacation, but I hope someone missed me (yes? was it you?) because that would make me feel special.  I have not enjoyed being overwhelmed by catching up on blogs since I got back, but it turns out that the world doesn’t end if you click “mark all as read” and move on.  A tinge of guilt for a portion of a second, but then you’re fine! Moving on to the next big thing.

I’m sure I have exciting things to say soon, especially about dress fittings and invitations (did I mention I’m in love with the one invitation we have? I am. In love.).  In the meantime, how are you doing? What did you do this weekend?  What was the best not-really-a-vacation-vacation you have taken?

my perfect vacation (yes, rereading Harry Potter)



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4 responses to “I woke up and wedding stuff was everywhere!

  1. Cannot wait for the next movie. I read all of the books except The Half Blood Prince, but that movie already came out so I won’t even bother. Haha!

    Sounds like you’ve been up to a lot! I checked back yesterday to make sure I didn’t miss anything and saw the last post was July 14… I thought, “Hmmm… she’s either busy as hell or said eff it and took a vacay.”

    Sure enough- vacay it was. And leaving behind technology and wedding planning regardless of how long or short it is is always a vacation. I look forward to that during bachelorette party weekend…..siiiigh.

    Welcome back!!!! 58 days, too??!!! WOOO!

  2. Vacations …even a few days away…during all of this is so important! At least that’s what we keep saying to justify a night or two here and there at the shore, and other places!

    Just reread HP 7 a few weeks ago, was sobbing at parts again, and Andy goes “um how many times have you read that now?” – yes. even after too many reads to count, I still cry. HP is THE best.

    Glad you’re back – and can’t wait to see the invites!!

  3. cmc


    I would sit here at my desk in my office in the lab building at work and want to procrastinate and click the bookmark-tab-o-bird’s-blog at the top of the screen and just see the same. great, but same. post. waaa.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand now you’re back! 🙂 My day started out, once more, with a healthy dose of Bird! (Yes, that’s right, I got to work at 11 am… sshhh…)

  4. I love taking a non-vacation-vacation by going to the pool and reading a book or just floating around. I don’t do it very often which is what makes it fantastic.

    I can’t wait to hear more about the wedding stuff that is sure to be happening soon!


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