First Wedding Nightmare

I’ve been reading some other peoples’ wedding blogs and various people have posted about wedding nightmares.  Not “it was a nightmare!” but actual “I went to sleep and dreamt that the back of my dress was missing or no one showed up or the cake was made out of dirt.”  And I was like, “Silly brides, don’t worry! You’ll be fine.”

Well, last night I had my first wedding nightmare.  And I know other peoples’ dreams are really boring to read about, so I’ll try to keep it brief: I dreamt that suddenly it turned out that TOMORROW was September 18th and we were getting married.  And that was that.  Only everything was sort of in real time, so our dress fitting isn’t until next Tuesday and my suit – the muslin version – hasn’t even arrived in the mail.  Oh, and our vows are written only in the sense that we have a pageful of phrases.

i think giant red clips add a nice little something do a wedding, don't you?

So yes, my DreamSelf could have stood up there in a dress that’s a little too long with her fiancee in a dress that’s a little too loose (we could pin it in back, I guess?) and say things like, “I promise to always find time to play with you, I vow to slow down, I thee wed.”  Sweet.

I suspect that this is happening because 2 months is creeping up next week, and then from there we’re talking weeks to go:  7 weeks, 6 weeks – I know that it’s more than a month, but it’s just weeks.  Also, I’ve been trying to stay calm by reminding myself that all we need is each other and the people surrounding us – but my lovely dream last night reminded me that while we don’t need dresses that fit perfectly, it turns out that is something that I care about.

Any countdown advice?  I was the kid in school who went back and forth between two extremes: I was either up the night before starting a paper or I had finished it three weeks earlier.  There was never a gradual progression of studying/paper writing, and this whole wedding planning thing is a gradual process.  But everything will be okay, right?

me, dressed as a bride who is FREAKING OUT

Okay, yes, it will, and I know that.  But any advice on trusting that everyone else will be ready (suit-makers, caterers, bridesmaids in dresses, people who are making quilt squares if we ever actually send them the cloth)?  This is definitely the right way to start a Wednesday – stressed out and ready to do something about it.



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3 responses to “First Wedding Nightmare

  1. I agree… stressed out and ready to do something about it is way better than stressed out and wanting to eat a lot of ice cream and stay in bed all day.

    And wedding dreams happen to all of us… mine wasn’t so much a nightmare, but I remember having to calm myself down in my dream.

    I was running through every single aisle of Michaels looking for yellow tissue paper. The tp wasn’t in it’s usual aisle nor was it in its usual packaging. It was scattered about the store and I had to hunt for all of it. Just like in Supermarket Sweep. I remember feeling really stressed, but trying to keep cool because the damn thing needed to be done.

    Our weddings need to get here, like now. I don’t ever want to dream about tp again!

  2. I am a year out from our wedding, but I’ve already had two wedding nightmares. One involved my parents not coming. I don’t know how to stop stressing about it in my subconscious, when I’m not that worked up over it right now in my conscious mind! Ahh!

  3. My advice for calming those fears that someone will show up late or with the wrong color pants or whatever it is… Remember that no matter what, the day is about the two of you and your family and friends and celebrating. Celebrating is brought to a standstill if you are worried about every little detail. Most likely you won’t remember in twenty years that Uncle So-and-so wore the wrong color tie or Bridesmaid #2 wasn’t ready on time and if you do remember it will make a good story!

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