PastSelf, I love you.

Do you ever want to just hug your Self-from-the-past?  Because sometimes I just want to hug my PastSelf and say, “Thank you, PastSelf, for making CurrentSelf happier and making my life easier.”

Examples of such times include:

  • PastSelf loses $5, and then CurrentSelf finds them in her shorts pocket JUST AS SHE WANTS A FIVE DOLLAR ICE CREAM CONE.  Thank you, Past Self.
  • PastSelf buys extra stamps and puts them somewhere that is easy to find.  CurrentSelf rarely needs stamps, but when she does, they are there! Exactly where PastSelf left them! Thanks, PastSelf.
  • CurrentSelf cannot remember where her official college transcript is… perhaps PastSelf, in some moment of organizational haze, put it somewhere organized… like in a file cabinet?  There it is!  Thanks, PastSelf

Here is why I am grateful for PastSelf today: I’m doing this whole applying vet school thing.  You may have heard.  Anyway, I’ve been agonizing over my letters of recommendation.  I know who I’d like to write them, but they’re people that I haven’t worked with in a few years, and I feel a little funny calling them up out of the blue and saying, “Out of all those other students you’ve worked with (who were not as awesome as I am, of course), please recall all the reasons I am amazing and write about them in detail. Thanks.”

On a whim I called the health profession advising office at my college, just to see if they had a file on me.  Maybe, on a whim, PastSelf set something up there?

You guys, I love PastSelf!  Not only did she set up a file, she already has those two letters of recommendation completed! In the file! And then they set up an appointment for CurrentSelf (that’s me, now) to talk to the main adviser about the whole application process tomorrow!

So things I love today:

  1. PastSelf.  Thanks again, PastSelf.
  2. The Office for Pre-Health Advising at my expensive college.  This alone is totally worth tuition.  Thanks, College.

Are you ever incredibly grateful for your self-of-the-past, or is this just a weird thing I do?  Or an awesome thing I do?  And is it awesome enough to be a reason to let me into vet school?  And did I mention that this blog is now going to be Roughing It: I’m Applying to Vet School! (and also maybe planning a wedding)?  Just kidding. Sort of.



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4 responses to “PastSelf, I love you.

  1. cmc

    omg I love College, too. 4 eva eva

  2. haha! how i’ve missed your posts this weekend.

    when i want to be a good PastSelf I think of how much FutureSelf will love me… like:

    if i clean the litter box tonight, FutureSelf (I swear I also use the term FutureSelf) will be so happy it’s already done.


    if i just stay up a little bit longer FutureSelf will be happy that I showed my bloggy friends some love today.

  3. akc

    I recall thinking “that’s pretty nifty that we could have letters of recommendation on file for down the road.” And then I thought, “But really, that’s a problem for FutureSelf.” Clearly PastSelf and FutureSelf need to talk amongst themselves a little more. But seriously, well done you. (And PastYou)

  4. cmc

    Ooo! Ooo! I want to play!

    Thank you, PastSelf, for inventing that chicken salad recipe that you and Evan eat for pretty much every meal. Stomachs and muscles of CurrentSelf and FutureSelf are grateful.

    Thank you, PastSelf, for having the courage to be the one to end that shitty relationship when you did and take care of yourself… it has gained FutureSelf much joy and love and mental health and can’t-wait-to-move-in-for-forever(?)-in-under-a-month-now-joy.

    Thank you, PastSelf, for enjoying college for every ounce of wonderful that it was and living in the moment; FutureSelf is glad for CurrentSelf to be dealing with the dryer classes now rather than wasting time on them then.

    Thank you, PastSelf, for signing up to present your research in mid-July; CurrentSelf is glad to have had that fire lit under her ass so that life is more under control and she has time to do things like read vet school application essays for Bird. (Today!)

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