The Race: On your mark, get set, GO!

Sooo I’m here spending a lovely evening at home with Turtle, working on vet school applications. Here I go! And then I click on over to the Veterinary Medical College Application Service website. And ooooh hahahahaha.

I’m going to change the name of this blog to:

Roughing It: The Race Between Wedding Planning and Applying to Vet School

Yeah, hah, funny story: our wedding is 68 days away, and applications are due in 81 days. Not much wiggle room there.  Sooo… who wants to write me a letter of recommendation?  And, who wants to read my application essay(s)?  Anyone?  Anyone?  There’s a kitten in it for you.

not the actual kitten


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8 responses to “The Race: On your mark, get set, GO!

  1. Good luck! You can do it!

  2. kittens! Sign me up! 🙂

    I’m sure it feels overwhelming, but I’m sure you can do it – even being able to talk about it here on the blog will help!

    just think, you’ll be able to look back in a year or two and be like ‘damn, look what I was able to do!’

  3. kittens! Sign me up! 🙂

    I know it must feel overwhelming, but I’m sure you can do this – and I bet even just being able to write about all of this will help you through the steps.

    Just think how in a year or so you’ll be able to look back and say ‘damn, look at what I was able to do!’

  4. akc

    I can’t take the kitten (okay, maybe I could take the kitten), but you know you can send me anything you need looked at, read over, or edited. And even if it feels overwhelming now, you can definitely get through it and you will be amazing. Think how much more fun it is to be busy, right?

  5. cmc


    j/k we aren’t allowed 😦
    plus it’s mean to put a pic of my best friend there when really he is all growed up now and that isn’t what you are offering at all

    Yes yes please send essays my way. I love to edit!

  6. Good luck with the applications and with not going insane trying to do that and plan a wedding at the same time! My sister just finished her first year of vet school and has declared that she and her (very serious but not-yet-engaged) boyfriend absolutely cannot get married until after she graduates in 3 years because she’s too busy to plan a wedding, so hopefully you’re being smart by getting through the wedding before start school again!

  7. Yo. I will totally always be your editor.

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