Chipping Away, and Thank You

So we are still planning a wedding, in case you were wondering.  I promised Alice Rumbledore that I wouldn’t apologize for not updating about my wedding, so take that, blogland!

The thing is, I’m just not dying to tell people about it right now.

I started writing about different things and I found – some crazy is about to come out here, brace yourselves – I like it.  I like talking about what it’s like to be gay (and getting married), or what some of my thoughts are on riding bicycles in Boston, or on rescue dogs (just wait, that post is coming).  And our wedding has been a really, really good starting point for all of these other things, but suddenly I’m finding myself deciding not to write anything because really I should write something wedding-related and I’m just not in the mood for that.  And so I’ve stopped really writing at all.

So, forgot apologizing for not writing about my wedding.  I’m sorry for not writing.

All of that said, wedding stuff is going well, though not well enough that I’m excited and taking pictures and ready to tell you all about it.  Just well enough that I am calm, and I feel like it is all happening.  The pieces are small and they are falling into place.  We bought our wedding rings!  But we don’t have them. And we don’t have pictures of them.  And part of me feels like I want to keep them private, secret, beautifully and deliciously ours until they are ours, until they are on our fingers and mean something to the world.

To tide you over I’ll show you a picture of the (thousand dollar each) rings that we almost got but didn’t get.  I would have gotten the one on your left and Turtle would have gotten the one on your right:

click on image for source

Also, we have our invitations – but only sort of.  We are working with a friend of mine to design them, and she is doing a wonderful job.  We did our final edits and she’s putting it all together and printing a mock-up for us – so that’s happening soon.  And then we’ll have an invitation party and maybe take pictures and maybe I’ll talk about it.  But really, who wants to hear about my invitation party?  Probably not me, and therefore, probably not you either.  So maybe I won’t talk about it.

We’re also putting together our vows, and maybe I’ll talk about that process once it’s done, but, again, I’m sure not willing to share the vows themselves on the internet, at least not until after the fact.

We’re chipping away at all these little details, and I’m feeling calmer and calmer about everything.  Which is sort of funny, because shouldn’t I be freaking out?  I’m glad I’m not freaking out.

we are getting ready to par-tay

I’m also really grateful that I started reading all these wedding blogs (that I’m sort of losing interest in, which doesn’t seem uncommon at this point in the game) and started writing in the first place.  Thank you, thank you, wedding blogs I have read and wanted to contribute to, wedding industrial complex I have resented and wanted to speak out against, and all of you who read and comment and are interested in what I have to say.  I really, really appreciate it.  Even if I do act shy and awkward when you mention my blog to me in person.  It makes me nervous.  Not saying don’t do it, just saying that I will probably act shy and awkward.

What are you curious about?  And also, who are you, and how did you find me here?



P.S. Someone registered the derby name “Lil Miss Rough-it”, and it wasn’t me.  Do I have to change the name of my blog now? This makes me really sad.  Stupid derby person who submitted their name one week before I submitted mine.



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2 responses to “Chipping Away, and Thank You

  1. javi

    I don’t know if you remeber, but we were classmates for a while. I don’t remember how I came across you blogm but I’m just glad I can hear from you once in a while. Congrats Bird!

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