Encouragement, please?

Remember when applying to college was hard? Hard and exciting but mostly stressful and your mother drove you to the post office at the very last minute on December 30th because it had to be postmarked by January 1st and the post office was closed on December 31st? And by “you” I obviously mean “me.”

So I have started the application process for vet school. The reason I am telling you this is that it is scary, and it is a life dream, and I need it to all work out. AND I need to feel supported. So your words of support are invited, welcome, very much needed. I’d be good at this, right? Even though I’ll possibly be 27 before I start? Are they going to be all, “If you really knew your whole life you wanted to do this, then why didn’t you take organic chemistry in fifth grade? Or even during your college career?”

Hello, Tufts? It's me, Bird. Please let me in. Jake and I would appreciate it.

The answer, my friends, is that I was really good at finding logical, strong reasons to procrastinate, and because my advisor freshman year told me I could wait.  I’m still mad at you, Tiffany!

So again, tell me I’d be good at this? That it’s a good idea? Readygo.



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16 responses to “Encouragement, please?

  1. You’d be great!

    Also, I go to a law school where half the population is over 30 years old, did not always know they wanted to be a lawyer, or did always want to be a lawyer and life got in the way. Trust me, people get it. You don’t even have to explain it that much, if at all. Life happens.

    Plus, people live way longer than they ever did before, and 27 is the new 22. I swear. People in law school make fun of me for being too young.

    You can do it!

  2. You’re gunna be fantastic! All the furries and scalies and featheries will love you!

    Vet school is going to be damn lucky to have you there! It’s never too late to start doing something you’ve always wanted to do.

  3. You’ll be great!

    Most of the people in my grad school program were between the ages of 25-30. You’ll fit in perfectly, I promise.

  4. Lina

    I’m going to tutor you, remember?!

  5. lw

    hi. you’re amazing. you’ll. be. awesome. i have complete faith in your passion, smarts, and cuteness. (hey, if it helps you get into vet school…right?) seriously: you’ve got this. in the words of my awesome dance teacher: *tell them you’re coming!* and i’ll be here reminding you of this as often as you need. ❤

  6. Dude, the oldest person in my class is far older than 27. And that person is far younger than the oldest person in the other med schools in this city and state. So I wouldn’t fret.

    Also, I think there’s a very good case to be made for taking time “On” (I hate when people refer to entering the working world and living as a normal person as time “off”) in the world that your future clients experience. Having that under your belt while in school is a real asset. It helps with priorities too. I think this is especially true for the kinds of things you’ve been up to because you’ve been interfacing with so many parts of the pet world.

  7. If it’s any inspiration, I recently read survey results finding that vets were one of the top professions for work/life balance and overall job satisfaction….. Best of luck with your application!!
    Mrs. Tulip

  8. With age comes wisdom, right?

    I am applying (again) to get into a Ph.D. program in clinical psychology. The average age for a clinical Ph.D. student is between 25 and 30 years old.

    Applying to programs is like a full time job that you do when you get home from your full time job (when you are not planning your wedding?!). It’s grueling and is it just me, or are university websites the hardest sites to navigate in the history of the internet?

    Anyway, remember that you are putting yourself through this terrible process so that you can do what really matters, you’ll be helping those who can not help themselves.

  9. Sara

    Um….you just have to close your eyes and jump in. Like swimming. I started the process in 2001, and I’m still closing my eyes. ha ha ha ha!
    And remember, someone has been there and done that before you , and will after you. You are not alone…comforting???

  10. Sue B

    It’s never too late to follow a dream. I am doing it and I’m over …well let’s just say I’m not 27 anymore! And you will be good at it! I know it. Go! Do it! Jump in! Take the leap! Acheiving dreams = happiness. Go and be happy!

  11. cmc


    Also, not only do I support and encourage you but I support and encourage and admire the fact that you’ve done other things along the way and that you took advantage of college years to enjoy pushing yourself in more directions than just vet school. That will make you an even more excellent vet in the end. Now go forward with confidence and a smile! 🙂

  12. I don’t know you but I can share that I know how scared you must be and how bittersweet this process is. I’m nearly 35 and contemplating medical school. I will leave you with this bit of encouragement coming from a cancer survivor twice over…we have only one life we live, right now, right here…you can do this and you can be great at it. Don’t get in your own way. Try and try and when you feel like you have no more fight in you, try even harder. If you can say you’ve tried your hardest and sought out every avenue available to make your dreams come true? Then you will still come out successful and accomplished no matter what happens in the end! Be well!

  13. Raffe

    Go for it! You’ll do awesome. I believe that once you make up your mind what you want to do and know you are willing to work for it, everything will fall into place. Sooner or later.

    Also I had to visit the vet today to pick up more special food for our needy-princess kitty, and it was awesome. Obviously no one is too happy about being at the doctor’s office, but everyone was super friendly and clearly loved animals, and it made me feel really good about going there. I’m sure you will do just as wonderfully!

  14. We have horses and use a large animal vet that went back to school in her 40’s to become a vet. She was a fire-woman before that. She is awesome.

    Go for it! You will be great!

    Age wise we are pretty close and I’ve yet to get back to school to do whatever it is that I want to do.


  15. Not weird at all that you commented over there! I have started outright skipping some posts on WB (which I never used to do!!!) but with two months to go, a lot of the “inspiration” stuff is just not useful (…..or interesting) at this point.

    Anyhoodle, you should totes apply to vet school. It will be awesome. And, people in grad school are really varied in age. Being 27 is no big deal. I was 25 this year, and mostly people were anywhere from 21-35. Also, be Daffodil’s vet!! Unless you want to be her friend. She is typically not friends with her vets.

  16. steph

    i’m not bringing oscar in for any kind of medical care until you become a vet. and he has herpes. he needs medical care. please don’t deprive my cat of a healthy lifestyle!

    motivated? 🙂

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