Pretty pretty pictures

We had our “official” engagement shoot with our amazing photographer last night.  I can’t talk enough about how awesome Ellie is, and how anyone needing a photographer in/near Boston/Providence should probably use her.  Awesome.

Anyway, I have my first day by myself in a long time (Turtle is in Maine) and I promised myself I wouldn’t spend a lot of it on the internets, so no more comments/deep insights, just some pretty pictures for you!

Photo by Ellie Leonardsmith

Photo by Ellie Leonardsmith

Photo by Ellie Leonardsmith

I kind of can’t believe how amazing these pictures are. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing with them all yet, so I don’t want to share many – I’m feeling protective of them, but they are too beautiful not to share a couple!

I had a read in a few different places that doing an engagement photo session can really help get you comfortable with your photographer and with having your picture taken, and I didn’t think much of that until I experienced it.  It took us a little while to settle in, but then it was so fun.  It was especially nice because Ellie is a good friend of ours, and we got to have amazing pizza and beer afterward.  That, my friends, is a good photo shoot.

Some more of Ellie’s awesome skills:

Okay, so much for sharing just a couple of pictures.  But omg, pretty!!!

So here’s what this felt like: getting dressed up in things we felt attractive in (for me, of course, one dress, one dykey shorts-and-collared-shirt outfit) and walking around our favorite, important places being affectionate.  Things are hard off and on these days – something I’ve talked about before – and we just walked and talked about those things and how we love each other and do want to get married and will do the work.  It was wonderful to have a space where we were just supposed to be affectionate: no talking about the hard things or the piles.  And then, as I mentioned before, we got amazing pizza, beer, and time with good friends.

And now I’m home alone with two dogs, two cats, and a big apartment.  Not feeling motivated to do much of anything, which is silly now that I have all this time and space to myself!  Maybe the afternoon has big things in store for me… or maybe just a book and a glass of wine.

What are you doing this weekend? Want to hang out with me? Did I already mention two dogs, big apartment, and wine? What more do you need?



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9 responses to “Pretty pretty pictures

  1. Love your photos! Can’t hang out as we are in Florida but enjoy reading and seeing your life.

  2. Your pictures are fab! Love them.

    I really agree that an engagement shoot is like practice for the wedding day. Most of us aren’t used to being photographed all day, so it really helps. My partner is a wedding photographer, and he’s commented that it takes a little time for a couple to settle in and get used to his and his camera’s presence.

  3. akc

    These are stunning photos and I cannot wait to see the rest. More, please! (Also, two dogs…)

  4. cmc

    TWO DOGS?!?!

    Yes please of course you know I want to hang out with you (5 weeks-ish!)

  5. omg pretty is right! The 3rd one (black and white, about to kiss, great light in the back…) is stunning!

    (and pizza and beer after is the perfect way to end the day!)

  6. I freaking love these!!!!!!

    Beautiful and stunning! These were taken at the perfect time of day because the sunlight makes them amazing- well the women make them amazing, but the natural light adds a wonderful touch!

    I’m scrolling down going, “this one is my favorite…. now wait, this one is…. oh, um. well this one’s my favorite, too.” Thank you for these, I needed a little love-shoot pick me up!

  7. So very pretty. I lovelovelove the about to kiss one, and also the very last one where you are on the bench in the distance.

    I am going to have to look into Ellie Leonardsmith. I wonder if she will come to Connecticut?

    • Glad you all like the photos! (Turtle and Bird made it easy for me). I’ll travel to pretty much anywhere in New England or NY… just let me know what you’re looking for!


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