Anxiety ball

Tonight, I am one big ball of anxiety. Ugh.

This may have to do with the stupid wedding map I spent two hours this morning trying to make and am still not happy with. What would make this happier? Someone suggest something, please.

What is a Wedding Map, you ask?  Why can’t people just use Google maps, you say?  Well, a Wedding Map, my friends, dear readers, patient, wonderful people, is a map that happens on paper. Oh my, the novelty.  You can pick it up, touch it, turn it over, and you cannot change the route by dragging that little dot over to where you want it!  Because this is a Wedding Map rather than a regular old Get-Where-You’re-Going map, the directions go where I want them to go, because I am the bride and these are the rules.

If you didn’t sense sarcasm anywhere in there, you soooo don’t know me at all.

The Wedding Map is a little map showing where our events are, and we include it in our lovely little packet of invitation, RSVP card, and, uh, wedding map.  Mostly, it is for older people who have no sense of where things are, or for guests who are simply not interested enough to Google where the post-wedding farm-hangout is.

The Wedding Map is the first and possibly only thing that has made me hate wedding planning. Seriously, guys, weddings are for losers who just want to be the center of attention and have an excuse to make POINTLESS ART PROJECTS. LIKE WEDDING MAPS.


Okay, let’s back this up a bit.  Remember up there when I mentioned post-wedding farm-hangout?  Let’s talk about that.

What, you ask, is a post-wedding farm-hangout?  Well, dear reader, a post-wedding farm-hangout happens when two beautiful, wonderful people get married to each other in the morning, eat, dance, and have a fabulous time with their loved ones, go back to their hotel and rest and giggle over the fact that they are married, and then go to a farm.  At that farm, they hang out, and in-town guests and out-of-town guests who want to see the newly married couple and spend some time with them in non-fancy clothes come and hang out at the farm and play mini golf and play in bumper boats.  There’s even ice cream!

This is one part of our wedding that I am really, really looking forward to.  Here’s why: a lot of people are getting up early in the morning (um, sorry if you didn’t know this yet and you plan to come: we’re getting married at 10am.  woo hoo!) to see us get hitched, and then we’ll all hang out and be married and be merry and I’m sure it will be wonderful and loving and amazing and also chaotic.  I am expecting to remember little about this event.  But afterwards, I really, really want to see all the people who came to see us and who came to support us, and this low key, delicious, fun place seems like the place to do it.

creepy smile + two thumbs up for wedding weekend fun

And then the next day, we are having a potluck!  And call us crazy, but the potluck is going to be at our house. It may be messy and it will probably be full of wedding paraphernalia.  I fully expect a few people to be staying with us, so I do not expect to be tidy.  Turtle, you probably should have stopped reading a couple of paragraphs ago. Take a deep breath and close this window.  What I hope is for our house to be filled with people we love, and to have the opportunity to spend some time with them in a meaningful way.  And if they traveled from across the country and are bringing beer from the wine and beer store down the street…well, I finally love beer.

our awesome yard, ready for a september potluck

It may not be a “destination wedding” but it is, I hope, going to be a weekend of love and family and friends and fun.  And telling you all of this has made my anxiety ball shrink a bit – so thanks for reading.

Now, how can I fix my map?

Or, um, how can you fix my map? Just kidding, just kidding. Sort of.



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5 responses to “Anxiety ball

  1. Aunt Donna Haxton

    Oh behalf of all “old people” your parents age through the mid-50s, I think you should rethink your comments on the wedding map being for us. We know how to use the computer to find directions…at least Uncle Bob does. It is people like Grandpa Hicks who forgot there are four directions that need it. Oh wait, he can’t read a map anymore and Grandma Hicks has always been iffy with directions at best. So, maybe it is for the elderly or maybe no one needs it. What does you mom says on the subject? Love, Aunt Donna

  2. I’d say you’re best bet is to add some personality to the map. They’re going to use it to get to YOU (both of you) for YOUR day.

    The bubbles are cute and I’d suggest that you find a font that has similar lines to the ones used in your image (so if you end up changing, don’t forget to see if the font looks okay. For the image now, I’d suggest century gothic for it’s rounded edges and straight lines).

    I’d also suggest that you think about the colors you are using. Are they significant to your wedding? Have you chosen specific colors for the big day? I’d try them out and see how they look.

    The two badges to show end locations are also a great idea, but their shape doesn’t really match with the bubble/map… Maybe a rounded shape for the badge? A circle perhaps? (if you end up using century gothic, you’ll see that the font is filled with perfect circles!)

    Remember, the name of the game is unity in shape and using properties that are significant to you! I hope this is helpful and not just random drivel from a complete stranger. 🙂 Good luck!!!!

  3. Maybe some happy trees a la Jeffrey Ross?

    Sorry, I’m not good at that sort of thing… Although I did want to be a cartographer, thanks to Sesame Street.

    And the post-farm wedding hangout and day after potluck sounds awesome! A whole weekend to hang out with your favorite people!

  4. i was born in boston and lived in carlisle, ma, until the summer i turned 7. reading this entry gave me abrupt and vivid memories of eating delicious ice cream at kimball farm… thank you!

  5. If people complain about having to get up early for the wedding, tell them it could be worse. We got married at Walt Disney World, in Epcot’s World Showcase (Italy courtyard to be exact), and it had to be before the park opened so people had to arrive at 8:30am. Most people lived about 1 hour away if they didn’t fly in from random places. It will be fantastic no matter what time it is!


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