Excuses, excuses

Dear Blogland –

I know, I know, I have disappeared. And excuses are ridiculous, but I’m sort of a Frozen Brain these days and can’t think of productive things to say beyond the loop of “keep it together, Bird! No, really, keep it together, it’s going to be alright,” so I figure at the very least I can entertain you with thoughts of my stress-inducing life.

So here’s what’s what:

  1. We moved.  You may have heard about this in, oh, a million other posts.  We have had to do all the normal moving things, like acquiring a method of getting all of our stuff from one apartment to the other, and as it turns out movers are really expensive.  Then we had to do a lot of cleaning and some painting, and yes these are all still the normal moving things – the hard part has been the relationship part, where we are both on edge and are like, “What do you mean you want to move/paint that before we paint/move that?! You have to clean/unpack before we unpack/clean?”  You may think I’m writing the same thing over and over again but if you read closely you’ll see that we exactly disagree on the order in which we should do things, and this, my friends, is hard when you’re already stressed out because you can’t find the tea and you don’t know where your clean underwear is.
  2. Painting is hard: I painted this entire wall a color we both ended up hating. Oops.

  3. Piper got sick. Again.  The week before we moved, she started vomiting everywhere; at first we thought it was Jake, cause he vomits everywhere all the time, so we were just like, “Jake, please stop vomiting, it’s gross.”  But then Piper didn’t want to eat and we went into kitty panic mode, because Piper is never sick.  Bloodwork, xrays, medications, and an abdominal ultrasound later, she seemed fine… until a couple of days ago when she curled up into a ball and  didn’t move. And was open-mouth breathing.  Um, another few xrays later she’s fine again.  We have no idea what happened.
  4. My family is sort of in crisis.  Not really appropriate to write about here, but something that is definitely affecting stress levels and decision-making skills.  On a related note: my therapist is pretty much awesome.  If you don’t have one, get one – you never know when you’ll need it, and when you do it’s pretty great to already have one you know and like.
  5. We’re poor.
  6. Wedding? What? Oh yeah, we’re getting married! We should probably be planning the whole wedding thing, and I should probably be blogging about it, since now I’m a Bee.  But the wedding has totally taken a backseat to all this other stuff.  I mean, we’re getting married, we know where and when, and these other details sometimes have to wait until I know where our wedding stuff even is (answer: in our apartment. At least I have it nailed down to “somewhere in an area of 1100 square feet*”).

Here are some things, though, that are good:

  1. Our current abode is twice the size of our old abode.  This will mean big quality of life improvements once we have everything painted, cleaned, and unpacked. And did I mention we have a yard?
  2. So big!

  3. Getting through all this chaos and hard stuff together is such – such! – a good preview to whatever else is going to come our way.  If we can handle all of this at the same time, I think there’s not much we can’t handle.  Plus I know Turtle can still be way supportive when I’m being a huge jerk and I’m crying a lot (snot is gross) and I keep making her walk the dog.  She’s kind of awesome.
  4. We’re still making time to get out, together.  We went on a hike on my day off, and we went and explored the lake at the end of our street (um, yeah, did I mention there’s a lake at the end of our street? There’s a lake at the end of our street.).
  5. I get lots of supportive comments on my WeddingBee posts about how cute we are and how my writing is nice and how I even inspired someone to comment for the first time.  It’s a huge ego boost, and it makes me happy.

I’m sure there’s more than that that is good, and there are more things that are not good, but there you go – a brief overview of where I have been and a little reminder that everything doesn’t suck.  Sorry this is so long – points for you if you read the whole thing!

Now, tell me what is happening in your life and what you are doing to balance out the hard stuff.  And then come over and help us paint the bedroom.

Love always,


*omg our new apartment is so big!

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