Everyone loves Elephants!

So, friends, a month or two ago, Ellie did this little thing called Craft It Forward, and I said, “Sure, please handmake me something, stranger whose blog I read, and in return, I will craft something for the first five people who say they want something.”

And then, dear readers, five people said they wanted something.  And I have been thinking, seriously, almost every day about what to make for these people – and I have not made a thing.  And I would have continued this phase of thinking about things to send those folks had I not received in the mail something from Ellie yesterday.  That was my sign that I should probably get a move on this.  The first comment that caught my eye was that someone likes elephants.

Well, you five folks, I hope you all like elephants. Or cups of tea.

And other readers – maybe you like elephants too?  Because I made you something.

art and photography by yours truly

the elephant that started it all

care for a spot of tea?

the planet earth, cup o' tea version

If you would like an elephant or a cup of tea, please leave a message here and tell me what the best part of your day was.  Or even the best part of your last weekend! And if your day and weekend both sucked, I’m sorry, and tell me something that you’re excited about in the future. In return, you get an elephant! And I hear they’re good luck. And if you want a cup o’ tea instead, well, they’re warm and where there is tea, there is hope.

Have a good night, everyone!

P.S. Art class can be very therapeutic when it’s not frustrating.


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10 responses to “Everyone loves Elephants!

  1. efd

    hi dear. remember me?
    i adore your blog.
    i also adore the cups of tea.

    the best part of my day was after work. i went to the gym and biked for a long time while i read my book, and then soaked in the hot springs. and then i came home and made grilled cheese & tomato soup. and everything seemed just right in the world.

    your long lost friend,

  2. steph

    i want an elephant! best part of my day was impulse zipcarring a MINI COOPER and driving to Seekonk to visit an old friend :). Mini coopers are so fun (so fast!) and old friends are just delightful.


  3. pamela

    i want an elephant! the best part of my weekend was going to my nephew’s last basketball game and watching him score TWELVE POINTS! a season high! jacob austin is my HERO! 🙂

  4. I want one of those cute elephants!! The best part of my weekend was on Sunday morning. I went to the very dangerous Whole Foods dessert counter to pick something for Mother’s Day brunch for my mama, and one of the dessert guys came out from behind the counter to help me choose a tasty thing. And then I ate a lot of cheesecake. And it was very tasty.

  5. I want an elephant! (gleefully like a child!)
    The best part of my weekend was getting to hang out with my beautiful fiancee in our sweats and make cranes and marathon mad men…
    I won’t tell you just HOW MUCH of Sunday this took up! 🙂

  6. AG

    Hey there, I mostly haven’t been commenting but I’ve really been enjoying reading your blog. Awesome prints! I’d love a cup of tea 🙂

    One of the best parts of my day was watching a 10 year-old boy I work with rub his head on the slide so that it would create static electricity. Then one of the staff members had to explain to him that this wasn’t a very good idea since if his head is down on the slide like that he won’t see if someone starts coming down the slide and he could get kicked in the head.

  7. Wait, are you saying there are EXTRA elephants? So I might get crafted backwards as well as forwards? I love elephants, because in children’s books, they are frequently named Ellie. The best part of my day was waking up to 5 inches of snow in Denver at 7:45am and feeling like I had slept until 9:45 because of the time change.

  8. mandi

    I like elephants, but I love cups of tea. I drink one every morning. The best part of my day has yet to come.. going to dinner at my in-laws! It is always awesome because they are awesome.

    I promise if you give me a cup (or elephant) I will craft it forward.. This is such a great idea!

  9. Alison AG

    Nice! Are they any left? I take a while to catch up with my blogs.

    The best part of my weekend was going climbing (and watching all the little kids scramble up walls in their tiny harnesses)!

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